Message from the 2023 Cyclon Committee:

The 2023 Cyclon Committee and Western University, with the support of the TBN Board, has spent considerable time planning and preparing for this year’s Cyclon. The health and well-being of our participants, and those with whom we interact, have been a key focal point in the design of this year’s event.

We encourage you to monitor Western University, Provincial and Federal websites for updates related to COVID policies. Western University’s latest update can be found here: February 6, 2023 - Western University (

Although masking indoors is not required, you are strongly encouraged to wear masks in crowded indoor spaces. We ask that everyone be considerate of individuals who are wearing masks. If you are sick or showing signs and symptoms before Cyclon, please stay home.

In case this policy changes, please pay close attention to postings and emails from TBN and the Cyclon committee so you are prepared and fully able to participate in this year’s events.

May we all have a safe and healthy Cyclon.


Cyclon® is a 4-day cycle touring mini-vacation, which takes place over the August Civic Holiday long weekend, which starts this year on Friday, August 4th and concludes on Monday, August 7th. It is the premier annual event of the Toronto Bicycling Network (TBN), a not-for-profit recreational cycling club with over 800 members. Both the Club and Cyclon Committee rely on volunteers to run events.  Cyclon has been running for over 30 years, visiting locations including Kingston, Ottawa, Peterborough, Barrie, Kitchener, St. Catharines, Guelph, Belleville, and Waterloo.

Once again, Cyclon will be hosted by Western University, located in the beautiful city of London, Ontario, a 2-hour drive from Toronto. Visiting cyclists will be able to enjoy rides in both urban and rural settings, and in London along the Thames River. You will discover scenic gardens, museums, historic landmarks, micro-breweries and more.


Our residence for Cyclon 2023 is Perth Hall, a university residence situated just adjacent to the main Western campus, a short jaunt from the Thames bike paths. Although TBN will have Perth Hall for our sole use, participants are encouraged to not leave their bicycles or other belongings unattended. Access to the building and residence rooms is controlled by pass-card.

Participants will be provided with free parking, available in the lot behind Ontario Hall residence for the duration of our stay.  (This is the same lot as last year.)  Campus is a 10-minute drive from the London downtown core, or a 12-minute bus ride on routes 02 or 09 (combined service is better than every 15 minutes, but the scheduled times tend to vary).

Our stay will include breakfast provided by Western Food Catering services. See the breakfast menu. Participants with dietary issues are encouraged to indicate any special restrictions or concerns as part of their online registration.

Our Sunday dinner event will be held at the Great Hall, Somerville House, in the central campus.

Alcohol will be available, so we encourage members to walk (under 15 minutes), take a taxi or catch a ride with a designated driver.


What are the tour routes like?
Cyclon will feature 15-20 rides over four days. Last year's Cyclon was a success, but the Cyclon Committee and master route planner have revisited all the routes to improve the riding experience and highlight the very best of the region. As per previous years, cyclists will continue to enjoy beautiful countryside interwoven with small towns and interesting historical or geographical features.

You will have your choice of a number of different cycling routes for each day of Cyclon. The routes range from about 30 to 120 km in length and are based on the TBN ride categories: Leisure Wheeler, Urban Roller, Short Tourist, Tourist. For more information on these categories, visit our website ( An experienced ride leader leads each tour.

As in previous years, we will offer shorter rides on Friday afternoon and Monday morning for members who want to fit the most cycling into their long weekend.


Volunteering is a great way to meet people and help make the event as enjoyable as possible. If interested, please email and we will be in touch.

Here are some, but not all, areas where help is needed:

  • Car-pool/ride-share co-ordinator — To match up those needing a ride and those who can offer a ride;
  • Friday registration desk — Volunteer for a shift to help set up/run the registration desk as well as assist at the Friday night Meet'n Greet;
  • Friday orientation ambassadors — To welcome first-timers to Cyclon;
  • Saturday night dinner hosts — Host a small group (up to 12) of Cyclon guests at a local restaurant;
  • Photo volunteer — Collect and collate photos from participants over the weekend for display at the Sunday buffet dinner;
  • And, as always, we need ride leaders and sweeps!


We will be staying at Western University, Perth Hall. The university residence is a smoke-free facility with good-sized “semi-private” suites with two private, lockable bedrooms and one shared bathroom. There is also a storage locker in each suite that will easily hold two bikes.  The building accommodates 455 guests and has free wi-fi (an activation code will be issued upon arrival).  Each suite has its own heat/air-conditioning unit with temperature settings fixed by the university.

Perth Hall has elevators, floor lounges (some will have refrigerators), laundry facilities, a dining room, patio, fitness room, outdoor volleyball court & even a fire pit!  Access to Perth Hall will be restricted by a pass-card and while Cyclon participants will have sole use of the residence during our stay we strongly encourage you not to leave your bicycle or other belongings unattended. As in past years, you will be able to bring your bike into your room overnight.  A large freezer chest, which TBN will stock with ice, will be available in the main lobby.

   Western University
   Perth Hall
   1125 Western Road
   London, Ontario, Canada
   N6G 2K8

Front Desk:

Campus Map: Online / PDF

What is provided in the residence suite?

The residence suites are intended for 4-person occupancy, but to ensure privacy, each suite will be limited to 2 people.

Each suite contains 2 sleeping rooms and a shared space with a bathroom, large storage closet, sink and countertop. Each sleeping room has 2 beds, however only 1 bed will be provided with linens for your use.

In addition to the bed, the sleeping space includes a wardrobe with shelving, a desk, drawer unit, mirror, curtains, desk chair, desk lamp, corkboard, wastebasket, recycling bin, light above mirror, and overhead lighting. There is ample space in your sleeping room or the shared large storage closet for bicycle storage.

Four bath towels will be present in your room to start (2 for each person).  Extra towels can be exchanged at the front desk if required. There are no facecloths, clothing hangers, or hair dryers in any of the suites, so you may wish to bring your own. Dormitory pillows may not be very comfortable; it is recommended you bring your own. Trash will be removed from suites daily.

Bedroom suites and entrances to the Perth Hall are access-controlled by pass-card.

There is no fridge or microwave in your suite. Most floors will have refrigerators in the lounge area, pending the need for refrigerator repairs or service on your particular floor.

More information about Perth Hall or click here for a virtual tour of a residence room.

What if I want to stay extra nights?
Participants wishing to extend accommodation to include the Thursday night before or Monday night following Cyclon will need to contact the Western University directly. Check the Cyclon website for updates and hyperlinks to facilitate booking extended stays.

Can I choose my suitemate?
As part of the registration process, you will be asked for the name of the person with whom you wish to share a suite. Where provided, the Cyclon Committee will do our very best to pair individuals with their chosen suitemate and billet couples or parents with children to their own suite and assign bicycle storage to another room or suite. Please include any specific requests in your registration details.

What if I come on my own?
If you do not indicate a suitemate on your registration form, you will be placed in a suite (2 adjacent but separate bedrooms with one shared bathroom) with a participant of the same gender, and, when possible, of similar age and riding category.

Is there Internet access?
Yes. Internet access is available everywhere on campus. As part of on-line payment and registration, you will be asked to provide your preferred email address. On arrival, Western will provide you will a wi-fi activation code that is linked to the email address you provided during on-line registration. Once activated, this code will unlock wi-fi access for common indoor areas and residence rooms throughout the Western University campus.


Friday Night Pizza 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm Fireside Lounge, next to the Dining Hall (Main Floor)
Breakfast 7:00 am to 9:00 am Perth Hall dining area
Saturday Night Dinner Various times Various venues
Sunday Night Dinner 5:00 pm to 12:00 am Great Hall, Somerville House

Friday Night Pizza – Fireside Lounge, next to Perth Dining Hall

Doors will open at 5:00 pm with food service from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.  A variety of pizzas and salads will be available for participants to choose from. Alcohol will be available for purchase with Bar Service from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm. Event concludes at 10:00 pm.

At the time of writing, pizza and salad options are still being confirmed but will be comparable to last year.  We will endeavour to offer a variety of toppings to suit various dietary restrictions.

Pizza Options Cheese only
Veggie (Onion, mushroom, green pepper)
Deluxe (Pepperoni, mushroom, green pepper)
Pepperoni only
Hawaiian (Ham, pineapple)
BBQ Chicken (Chicken, onion, green pepper)
Salad Options

Pesto Pasta Salad with Cheese Tortellini (Cheese tortellini, red pepper, pesto sauce, parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes — contains milk, egg, gluten and soy, may contain nuts)

Black Bean and Quinoa Salad (Spinach, black beans, roasted sweet potato, tri-colour quinoa, cherry tomatoes and guacamole — gluten free, vegan)

Mediterranean Salad (Romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce, spring mix, cherry tomatoes, black olives, carrots, red onion, feta cheese (served on side), cucumber, green pepper, greek salad dressing — contains milk, made without gluten, vegetarian)

NOTE: No alcohol is permitted outside, in the lobby, dining hall or other hallways unless it is a licensed event. Alcohol can be consumed in residence suites and the residence floor lounges.

Breakfast – Perth Hall Dining area 7:00 to 9:00 am

Breakfast is included with your accommodation as part of Western guest services. Breakfast (meal) tickets will be provided to you as part of your registration package. Only one pass through the servery is permitted.

Pending supply chain issues, our expected breakfast menus are:

Day 1 – Saturday Day 2 – Sunday Day 3 – Monday
Hard Boiled Eggs
Allergens: Eggs (Made without Gluten, Meatless)
Allergens: May contain Gluten (Vegan)
Baked Beans
No allergens: (Vegan, made without Gluten)
Cheese Omelets
Allergens: Eggs, Soy, Milk (Made without Gluten, Meatless)
Crispy Bacon
Contains Pork (Made without Gluten)
Crispy Bacon
Contains Pork (Made without Gluten)
“Just” Brand Vegan Egg Patty
Vegan, Made without Gluten
“Beyond” Breakfast Links
No Allergens (Made without Gluten, Vegan)
Scrambled Eggs
Eggs (Made without Gluten, Meatless)
Farmers Pork Breakfast Sausage
Gluten and Allergen Free
Scrambled Eggs
Eggs (Made without Gluten, Meatless)
Harvest Hash Brown Potatoes
Soy, Fried: May contain all priority allergens
Breakfast Potatoes
Fried: May contain all priority allergens
Rise & Shine Potatoes
Soy, Fried: May contain all priority allergens

Pancakes & Syrup

Pancakes: Allergens: Milk, Wheat, Eggs (May contain Sesame, Soy, Sulphites)
Syrup: Allergens: Sulphites

Apple Crisp
Apple Wedges, Sugar, Flour, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Topping (Flour, Brown Sugar, Oats, Butter, Salt)
Allergens: Gluten, Soy (Meatless)
French Toast
Allergens Unknown
Breakfast Pastries, Breads & Bagels
Includes Jam Spreads, & Cream Cheese
May contain all priority allergens
Breakfast Pastries, Breads & Bagels
Includes Jam Spreads, & Cream Cheese
May contain all priority allergens
Breakfast Pastries, Breads & Bagels
Includes Jam Spreads, & Cream Cheese
May contain all priority allergens
Yogurt Bar
Includes Granola & Fruit Toppings
Yogurt Bar
Includes Granola & Fruit Toppings
Yogurt Bar
Includes Granola & Fruit Toppings
Seasonal Cut Fruit Seasonal Cut Fruit Seasonal Cut Fruit
Cereal Station Cereal Station Cereal Station
Beverage station including coffee, tea, milk and juice Beverage station including coffee, tea, milk and juice Beverage station including coffee, tea, milk and juice

Sunday Dinner Buffet, August 6th, 2023 — The Great Hall, Somerville House

Pending supply chain issues, our expected buffet dinner menu is:

Assorted rolls & butter
Assorted pickles & olive platter

Market greens, seasonal vegetables with house dressing
Baby kale, roasted beets, apple, chevre, pumpkin seeds, cider vinaigrette
Plus one more salad (to be confirmed)

Choice of entrée:
Slow roasted salmon with Riesling and dill sauce (on side)
Roasted chicken, Great Hall honey and mustard glaze, apples and crispy sage
Vegetarian – Braised tofu

Olive oil & coarse salt roasted new potatoes with fine herbs
Served with seasonal glazed vegetables

Fresh Fruit
Selection of pastry, tortes and cheesecakes
Fair Trade coffee, decaf & tea

Cash bar: Beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages

Can I prepare some of my meals?
Western discourages preparation of meals in residence areas. Some lounge areas will include a fridge and microwave, but other meal preparation equipment is not available.

What about special dietary needs or allergies?
This year's menu items have been included in the FAQs and standard CFIA listed allergens indicated. If you have any special dietary requirements, or allergies, please indicate these concerns on your registration form. The organizing committee will provide this information to our caterers who will do everything they can to accommodate.


Cyclon is almost as much a social event as a recreational cycling event! Meeting other people, and our common interest in cycling, help to provide the camaraderie that makes Cyclon so special and so successful.

There will be a reception beginning at 5:00 p.m. at the Fireside Lounge, next to the Perth Dining Hall. Following dinner, we will have a bonfire outside. You may wish to bring a lawn chair or blanket as seating may be limited.

Saturday and Sunday Rides and Après-Ride Meals:
Most rides in the London area have lunch stops. However, a few select rides may have fewer venues than others. We encourage you to pack extra bars or snacks. Please pay attention to the information provided by your ride leader for additional tips about your route.

Saturday night:
Similar to prior years, we will have some great group dining/entertainment choices for you with your volunteer dinner host, or you can explore London on your own. More detail will be provided as we get closer to the event.

Sunday Night and Dance:
Returning indoors, our Sunday Buffet Dinner, with DJ, will be held at the Great Hall, Somerville House, a 15-minute walk from Perth Hall into the main campus.  The meal will be buffet style, served to you by our event caterer. Alcohol will be available so we encourage members to walk, take a taxi or ride-share with a designated driver. Dinner attire normally ranges from casual to semi-formal, so pack appropriate attire. We encourage you to wear comfortable shoes for dancing or for taking a stroll on the university campus.


Package includes:
Cycling tours, Friday pizza and snacks, Sunday buffet dinner, and three nights' stay which includes breakfast and accommodation (Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights).

Member/Non-member TBN Member Non-Member
Early Bird on or before Wednesday June 7th, 2023 $440 $495
Regular on or after Thursday June 8th, 2023 $470 $525


Parking is complimentary from 5 pm on Friday and is located behind Ontario Hall. Anyone arriving prior to 5 pm will receive a parking pass to place on their dashboard. To avoid any issues the parking gates will be raised the entire weekend. Western parking monitors the lots for vehicles prior to 5 pm and will check for the dashboard pass. Any vehicle that does not have a pass on their dashboard prior to 5 pm will be ticketed.

NOTE: Unfortunately, the front of Perth Hall is a fire route, and you may receive a hefty fine for leaving your car unattended, even for a few minutes. It is recommended to pull up and drop-off your belongings in the lobby, and then park your vehicle.


For Cyclon 2023, registration is limited to 170 people.

Deadline Date
Early-Bird Discount Ends: Wednesday, June 7th, 2023 at midnight
Registration Closes: Sunday, July 16th, 2023 at midnight
Cancellation Deadline: Wednesday, July 19th, 2023 at midnight

How do I register for Cyclon?

TBN requires that all event registration be done on-line through the TBN website. As TBN no longer accepts cheques, payment must be processed during on-line registration with a credit card or with a PayPal account. To ensure that a spot will be reserved for you at Cyclon, go to the TBN website at, and click on the Cyclon registration link. Registration will close midnight Sunday, July 16th.

When is the Early Bird deadline?
The Early Bird discount period for Cyclon ends Wednesday June 7th, 2023. All registrations must be completed on or before Wednesday June 7th, 2023 to qualify for the Early Bird discount. By registering early, you save $30 a person.

When is the registration deadline?
You can register until Sunday, July 16th, 2023.

I have registered for Cyclon. Is my spot reserved?
Your spot at Cyclon is reserved when you complete your on-line registration and payment. Please ensure that you provide your correct email address when you register for yourself and your guest(s). We use this email address to send you additional information and directions. Please check your Bulk or Spam email folders in addition to your Inbox. At last year's Cyclon, some registrants, particularly those with Rogers and Yahoo accounts, received their Cyclon emails in these folders.

Am I guaranteed a ride to and from Cyclon if I indicate during registration that I would like one?
No. We rely on the generosity of other cyclists with cars to help with transporting people and bikes. While we cannot guarantee rides or bike transport, we will try to pair you up with another registrant who may be able to offer you transport.

Should I pay the person who offers transport?
While we cannot enforce payment, we highly recommend you offer to pay the driver a minimum of $25 each way or $50 return. Should you need to make arrangements with the driver for a pick-up or drop-off location that is unusual or distant, or if gas prices increase suddenly, a higher fee payment may be warranted. These issues should be discussed with the driver in advance to ensure the driver is able to support your request.

How can I register online if I don't have a computer?
You could ask a fellow club member with a computer to help you register for Cyclon, or take advantage of computer access available at any public library in Ontario.

I am not a member. Can I get my TBN membership at the same time that I sign up for Cyclon?
Yes, you can - but become a TBN member first before you register for Cyclon. You will then get your TBN membership and save money by registering for Cyclon at the member's price. The TBN membership form is available at

What happens if I want to cancel my registration?
All cancellations are subject to a $50 per person cancellation processing fee. You may sell your package with the approval of the Cyclon director. IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE: NO refund of any kind will be made after Wednesday, July 19th, 2023.

What happens if there is a COVID Outbreak?
Should the government initiate a city- or province-wide lock-down, or Cyclon must cancel due to a COVID mandate or similar issue, we will refund your registration fee, less $50 to cover non-refundable expenses and other losses that may be incurred.

What happens if I come down with COVID after the cancellation date?
All cancellations are subject to a $50 per person cancellation processing fee. You may sell your package with the approval of the Cyclon director.

Should TBN or the Cyclon Planning Committee become aware of COVID cases arising from or during the Cyclon weekend, we will follow existing TBN COVID notification protocols.


From novice riders to hard-core riders, here is what past attendees have to say:

Terrific rides – “I’ve attended Cyclon 15 times … it has terrific rides and a great chance to connect with other cyclists.”
   Sam Bootsma, 15 time attendee

Friendly and welcoming – “We had a great time, with a ride every day. What stood out for me was how friendly and welcoming everyone was”
   Anne-Marie Corrigan, first time attendee

Incredible Value – “A friend and I come from Booklyn every year … great atmosphere, lots of fun, and so well organized plus incredible value – Cyclon is unique, I haven’t seen anything like it in the U.S.”
   Renata Luisi, 6 time attendee (Brooklyn, New York)

Great experience – “My first Cyclon was a great experience … good venue, nice people, great rides”
   Frantisek Maintlik, first time attendee

Different rides to choose from – “For three days, you get to ride new routes in the countryside … There are all sorts of different rides to choose from.”
   Mick O’Meara, 6 time attendee

Lots of wonderful things – “There are lots of wonderful things about Cyclon – different rides every year with activities like boat tours, fireworks, and museums and the chance to stay on for an extra day … for me the highlight each year is the gala dinner.”
   Galina Mushtaler, 5 time attendee

A+ – “Cyclon had beautiful rides, a convenient location, and excellent food … overall I gave it an A+”
   Hallan Pajuoman, first time attendee

Ride for every level – “Whether you’re a hard core rider or just getting into cycling, you’ll find rides for every level of rider, with the right distance and pace for you.”
   Dan Richards, 2 time attendee

New routes in the country – “As a first time attendee, I loved that I got to try new routes in the country and also that I met tons of other riders.”
   Cathleen Sullivan, first time attendee

I’ll come again! – “Great Cycling activity. It was my first time. I’ll continue attending. The planning of this event was superb!!!”
   Monica Aldana, first time attendee

Something for Everyone! – “Cyclon is a terrific event where you have 3 days of riding in a group that matches your ability. The participants are very friendly and inclusive. Something for everyone!”
   Carole Sovran, multi-year attendee

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