JUNE 22-23, 2024

Registration Opens: Sunday, May 5 at 8 am

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The official departure will be at 11:00 am on Saturday June 22 from Burlington GO Station parking lot, where you can

park your car for free over the weekend. We will cycle mostly on the Waterfront Trail all the way to Port Dalhousie and

then down the Welland Canal trail to Niagara College Residence (137 Taylor Rd, Niagara-on-the-Lake, 905-641-4435).

Accommodation at the College will be in two-room suites with shared washroom and kitchen area.

For those who are interested, there is the option of riding all the way from Toronto to NOTL. This group will leave at 8

am from Mimico GO parking lot (free parking over the weekend) and meet the main group at Burlington GO at 11 am.

Note that the ride from Mimico to Burlington will be at Tourist pace.

Some things to bring in a small backpack or pannier:

 A change of clothes for dinner on Saturday night (casual is fine)

 Cycling clothes for two days

 A small medium security lock

 A spare inner tube

 A couple of water bottles

 A rain jacket (if showers are in the forecast)

 Bike lights for the 3K ride from the Sunday dinner stop to Burlington GO.

For almost all of the winery stops on Sunday, our bikes will be close to us and within view but not always. That’s why

a small medium security lock is advised. Two people can lock their bikes together with one lock. If necessary, the non-

drinkers at those stops can take shifts watching the bikes.

We aim to maintain brisk Urban Roller pace at a speed of around 20 kph. At that speed, it should take around 5 hours

to get to Niagara College. That means that we should get to the residence around 4 pm. Check-in starts at 3 pm.

We have 7 pm reservations for the patio at the Play Bar and Grill in the White Oaks Resort (across the road from the


On Sunday, we can have breakfast at MacDonald’s, Starbucks or a few other fast food type places within a 10-minute

walk. We need to be on the road at 10:00. Below is the itinerary for Saturday and Sunday.

Ride Time


8:00 am Mimico GO (optional) to 10:40 am Burlington GO (50 K) (160 mins)

11:00 am Burlington GO (start) to 12:30 pm Grimsby (lunch at Tim’s) 31 K 90 mins

1:10 pm Grimsby to 2:50 pm  Port Dalhousie (WC) 27 K 90 mins

3:00 pm Port Dalhousie to 4:00 pm Niagara College Residence 16 K 60 mins

74 K 4 hrs


10:00 am Niagara College Res. to 11:00 am Creekside Winery 17 K 60 mins

11:45 am Creekside Winery to 12:00 pm Honsberger Estates (lunch) 3.5 K 15 mins

1:45 am Honsberger Estates to 2:30 pm Back 10 Cellars 12 K 45 mins

3:15 pm Back 10 Cellars to 4:30 pm Leaning Post Winery 22 K 75 mins

5:15 pm Leaning Post Winery to 6:35 pm NISI Greek Taverna (dinner) 23 K 80 mins

??? NISI Greek Taverna to ??? Burlington GO 2.5 K 10 mins

77.5 K 4.75 hrs

After NISI Greek Taverna, we will cycle to Burlington GO station, from where we can take the GO train to Mimico, Union or any other stop.


$76  This is for accommodation only. It does not include any of the meals or the wine sampling.

$28  Registration for wine sampling at Creekside Estate Winery. Total for a flight of four one-ounce samples includes tax and tip. You must register and pay in advance to participate in wine tasting at this winery.

$ 0    Registration for wine sampling at Back 10 Cellars. You must register in advance to participate in wine tasting at this winery. You can pay at the winery.

$ 0   Registration for wine sampling at Leaning Post Wines. You must register in advance to participate in wine tasting at this winery. You can pay at the winery.

Registration Opens: Sunday, May 5 at 8 am

For more information, contact the trip organizer, Ken Lackman,

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