Safety comes 1st at WEDNESDAY WHEELIES


We try to be diligent riders and get along with motorists and each other.
    • Helmets are mandatory!
    • Rear view mirrors are strongly recommended!   While the choice of a particular rear view mirror is a matter of personal preference, there are a couple that are popular with our group. Options include:
    • Flashing Lights - Front & rear flashing lights provide visibility to approaching vehicles up to 1 km away.  If you ride with a Garmin Edge device, consider Garmin's RTL-515 rear light with radar. Read the DC Rainmaker review.  Lezyne strip lights, front and rear, are visible up to 1 km with attention-getting flash patterns.  
    • Ear buds are not allowed!  Please, no ear buds or other distracting devices.
    • Avoiding Busy Roads - We give preference to routes that avoid busy stretches of road, especially stretches with heavy truck traffic.
    • Communicate and Listen - Always keep in mind, "communicate and listen". Many (most?) cycling calls or commands are derivatives or applications of this rule.
    • When to Bunch Ride - Consider riding in a bunch of less than 8 when there is traffic on the road, thereby allowing the traffic to get by the bunch in a single pass.
    • When to Single File  - Consider the following factors in deciding whether it is prudent to ride single file on a stretch of road - driver visibility (e.g. fog, proximity to the top of a hill, bright sunligh), the length of the stretch, traffic density, traffic speed, whether the traffic includes dump trucks, the number of lanes, whether there is a useable shoulder, and anything else you consider relevant. In other words, a decision to ride single file needs to be based on safety concerns.
    • Never Escalate Never do anything that might cause an encounter with an irate or frustrated driver to escalate.

  • Talk Through Safety Issues  - Above all else, try and talk through safety issues with your fellow riders as they arise.

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