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Bike Safety

Bike Helmets 101 – Video (CAN-BIKE)

Bike Handling – Video (CAN-BIKE)

Traffic Skills – Video (CAN-BIKE)

How To Do An ABC Check (Deanery Project)

Cycling Safety Tips (The Guardian)

How to Handle Drivers with Road Rage (

Urban Tactics: Surviving City Riding (New York Times)

Getting Started

Beginner’s Guide to Cycling (

Seven Important Things for Cycling Newbies (

Benefits of Cycling

How Cycling Keeps You Young (New York Times)

Research with 55 to 79 year old cyclists who’d been cycling for decades found that “these cyclists proved to have reflexes, memories, balance and metabolic profiles that more closely resembled 30-year-olds than of the sedentary older group.

The Cycle Path to Happiness (The Independent)

The Health Benefits of Cycling to Work   (Forbes)

Top Five Health Benefits of Cycling  (HarvardHealth)

Why Cycling Is the Best Way To Lose Weight (

Why Cycling Makes You Feel Great  (Cycling)

Bike Cleaning

How to Clean a Bike  (REI)

How to Clean Your Bike Quickly (BikeRadar)

How to Clean Your Bike in Seven Minutes (cycling Weekly)

Step by Step Guide to Cleaning Your Bike (Bicycling)

Bike Maintenance

Bike Maintenance Basics  (REI)

Bike Chain Cleaning and Maintenance (REI)

Caring for Your Bike in the Winter (Momentum)

Cleaning Your Bicycle Chain – video (Roadside Cycles)

Crankset Care (REI)

Five Essential Pre-Ride Checks (RoadCycling UK)

Four Ways Your Tire Pressure is Wrong (bicycling)

Bike Repair

Bike Repair Kit Checklist (REI)

Changing a Flat Tire – video (Trek Bicycle)

Patching an Inner Tube – video (Park Tool)

Cycling Tips

An Olympian’s 10 Tips for Riding Downhill  (New York Times)

Cycling Cadence in Training and Racing (

Cycling Cadence: What It Is and How to Improve Yours (Wahoo Fitness)

Cycling Etiquette (TBN Website)

Five Rookie Mistakes Before Rides (

How to Reduce Back Pain from Cycling (

How to Treat Road Rash When You Fall (

Paceline Riding Tips (TBN Website)

Seven Steps to Becoming a Better Cyclist (Cycling Weekly)

Seven Tips to Overcome Mental Blocks During Rides (

Twenty Five Tips To Be A Better Rider (


Are These Mistakes Causing Your Bike Pain? (

Best Strength Exercise for Cyclists (

Common Mistakes When Getting Back in Shape (

Cycling Tips to Get in Shape (

Five Stretches to Ease Knee Pain (

Foods For Faster Recovery From Injury (

Four Ways to Burn More Fat Cycling (

Fourteen Ways to Boost Your Indoor Training (

Get Off Your Bike To Be A Better Cyclist (breaking muscle)

Get Strong To Ride Fast (breaking muscle)

How to Get Fit Fast (

How to Lose Weight Cycling (Cycling Weekly)

Must-Do Glute Exercises for Cyclists (Mapmyrun)

Nutrition Tips to Fuel Your Ride (

Seven Mistakes Cyclists Make Getting Back in Shape (

Super Effective Ways to Fix Tight Muscles (

Stretching for Cyclists (TBN Website)

The Fastest Way to Build Bicycling Endurance (

Training For Your First Multi-Day Ride (


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