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No, non-members can participate in most activities for a fee of $10. All non-members (and members) must register for an event on our calendar. This registration must be done in advance of the event. The $10 non-membership fee can be credited (one time only) towards membership if you decide to join within six months of that activity or event.

Online, by completing the membership profile form and making a secure online payment using PayPal. Within Paypal, you can use VISA or MasterCard.

You can make a secure online payment using PayPal. Within PayPal you can use VISA or MasterCard. If you prefer to pay by cheque, please make the cheque payable to "Toronto Bicycling Network Inc" and send it to: Toronto Bicycling Network Inc. 131 Bloor Street West Suite 200. Box 279 Toronto, ON M5S 1R8

Yes, there is a special student membership available, at a cost of $30, for full-time students at post-secondary institutions that are at least 18 years of age. If you qualify for the student membership, then complete the membership profile form and submit a copy of your student ID via email to

Your membership expires twelve months after date of joining. A membership renewal reminder is emailed to you three weeks before your membership expires and at regular intervals after that; if one does not renew within 90 days of expiry, then one has to re-join as a ‘new’ member. Renewal can be done online by logging into the TBN website.

A new individual membership costs $55 and renewal costs $40; a new family membership costs $85 and renewal costs $70. The cost of a new or renewal student membership is $30.

Review the ride classifications but if you are not sure where you fit in, TBN recommends you try an ‘Urban Roller’ class of ride that is offered on weekend mornings, as well as Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights; if ‘Urban Roller’ is too fast for you, then try a ‘Leisure Wheeler’ ride.

Your bicycle should be in good working order; bring a water bottle, spare inner tube, patch kit, pump and tire levers. If you are a TBN member, bring your membership card. The wearing of helmets is mandatory on all TBN rides irrespective of provincial law; it is recommended that CPSC, CSA, SNELL or ANSI approved helmets are worn. Lights are mandatory on all evening rides that finish after dusk, in accordance with the Highway Traffic Act. It's also good to bring a bit of cash, water with electrolytes, a credit card, and a phone. You should download or print the route map or the cuesheet for the ride. See How to to Join the RideWithGPS Club Account for instructions on getting access to our routes.

All members and non-members must register for all in-real-life events such as cycling events, and Fall/Winter Hikes. TBN also hosts virtual events where registration is not required. These virtual events include Zwift meetups, Virtual City Walks, Movie Nights, etc.

All TBN rides are led by a trained volunteer ride leader so seek this person out, introduce yourself. Let the ride leader know you are new to the club, and what your skill level is. You will be introduced to the other members at the ride. Be prepared to show the event registration email for the event (show a copy of the email on your phone, or a printout of the email).

TBN is mainly an outdoor recreational activity club but, over the years, we have found that the cohesiveness of the club, participation levels and enthusiasm of our membership is enhanced by a complementary schedule of social activities so you will notice various social events advertised throughout the year. Also, many of our cycling events have a designated after-ride meeting spot that is usually a local eatery for those who want to linger and chat.

To increase your knowledge of cycling that will also enhance your enjoyment of the activity. TBN organizes a series of seminars and workshops that cover topics such as buying a bike that fits you, defensive riding skills, basic maintenance, fixing flats, choosing equipment and more.

TBN has a large schedule of official rides and each event requires the participation of a volunteer ride leader to plan and lead. For every official ride on the schedule that isn't cancelled at least two hours prior to the scheduled start time, a volunteer is guaranteed to be at the start point rain or shine, with the exception of ‘Leisure Wheeler’ rides. During the early spring and late fall, when the weather is cold, wet and unpredictable, it is hard to ask a volunteer to give up a couple of hours travelling to and from the start point for a ride that obviously is not going to happen and, moreover, few volunteers are likely to commit to leading rides during these periods. A ride is deemed ‘unofficial’ when there is no guarantee of a ride leader or any organization whatsoever. A regularly scheduled ride may also be declared ‘unofficial’ if the ride leader decides conditions are unsuitable for a safe ride by the assembled participants. Note: Unofficial rides are not sanctioned by TBN.

In general, carpooling is organized by mutual agreement of individual participants, however, TBN does offer a forum on the website where members can advertise that they are offering, or looking for a carpool to a specific event. See Carpooling Forum for entries. Note that obsolete posts are pruned from the forum. Carpooling is a great way to make new friends and reduce the number of cars on the road, which in turn reduces air pollution. If you decide to carpool, passengers should expect to pay their fair share of travel expenses, as agreed upon in advance.

Visit the TBN website often to learn about the events on offer, ask questions and participate as much as you can; you will have a great time and meet a lot of friendly and supportive people along the way too.

Riders 16 and older are allowed to join TBN rides without parental supervision. Riders under 16 are allowed if accompanied by an adult. In both cases, the TBN waiver must be signed by a parent/guardian. Parents of 16- and 17-year-olds may download the waiver from the website, sign it, and send it with their child if they are not going to physically present at the start of the ride.

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