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Education Programs

Learn about your favourite cycling and adventure topics with fello TBN'ers.

Members have the opportunity to attend education sessions on the following topics:

  • Spin to get in shape for the road cycling season
  • Cross-Canada bike trip stories and photos
  • Bike maintenance
  • How to pack your bike for travel
  • Group riding techniques
  • Nutrition for long rides
  • Cycling attire
  • Long distance touring

TBN has a lot more education sessions lined up so check back regularly for updates and/or to register online for same.

If you have an idea for an education session and/or would like more information, then contact

Upcoming Events:

LEARN – Pre Ride Safety Check

The Pre-Ride Safety Check is often skipped by most riders, but may not be a time saver. A 30 second check of your bike could save you a walk home. In this session by presented by Velofix, you will learn how to catch a worn part about to break, a loose connection that can cause excessive wear, or a low pressure tire that will slow you down.

Tuesday June 27th from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Location: Wallace-Emerson Community Centre, 1260 Dufferin Avenue

Click here to register.

Upcoming events

Watch for more exciting events to be announced soon!

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