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Toronto Bicycling Network is Toronto's largest recreational cycling club, rated the city’s #1 cycling club by BlogTO and Readers Choice. TBN offers a wide variety of rides throughout the week and on weekends, catering to all levels of riders, as well as affordable trips outside Toronto and a wide range of winter activities.

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TBN rides and events restarting

We are back! Positive trends in the reduction of new COVID-19 cases have resulted in good news for cyclists itching to get out there with small groups of friends. As of June 11 the Government of Ontario moved to Step 1 of its Roadmap to Reopen. In Step 1, outdoor gatherings of 10 people are now allowed, including movement between regions, giving us the go-ahead to relaunch official rides. Watch the calendar for newly populated rides. A maximum of 10 registrants will be allowed, although some ride groups are setting up groups of staggered-start rides, each allowing 10 registrants.

When the Ontario government moves to Step 2 of its Roadmap, outdoor gatherings of up to 25 people will be allowed. As of Step 2, TBN events will be mostly back to normal. We will still require registration for events. Based on the government timeline, the earliest the move to Step 2 could take effect is July 2, but great progress is being made with country-wide vaccinations and this date could be moved up. We hope!

Take care out there when riding. Watch for updates on this page, in the TBN calendar and via Chain of Events. Click this link for Ontario's COVID-19 vaccine booking site. 

TBN JERSEYs are in production

The TBN jersey store is now closed. If you placed an order via the store prior to its close on June 12, your jersey is now in production and will ship to TBN president Martin Lansche around July 16. Martin will be in touch at that time with everyone who placed an order, and will arrange delivery or pickup. Watch this space for updates.

Sewer work scheduled at Etienne Brule Park

A word of warning to our Humber River riders: The city of Toronto is planning work to replace a major sewer pipe in the area, which may cause some inconvenience. The work is scheduled to run until 2022, alas.

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Chain of Events is TBN's e-newsletter, featuring up to date info about upcoming rides and events. Click here for the most recent Chain of Events.

Upcoming Rides and Events - Next 20 rides/events

See all rides and events on the main calendar and also check back two hours in advance in case of last minute updates or cancellation due to weather. You can also find past rides on this calendar. 

TBN has a Strava club

Now's the time to join TBN's Strava TBN club, where you can share your rides with fellow club members and see who's fastest on the hills. To join the club, click here and press "Request to join." Strava links to services like RideWithGPS and Garmin Connect and offers a way for to track your speed and mileage. It has two levels of membership, a fee-based premium service, and a no-charge basic service.

TBN MOBILE Applications

TBN has a free iPhone and Android app displaying upcoming rides with a single click. Open up the  Apple AppStore or Android PlayStore and look for "Toronto Bicycling Network." Iif you would like to use a mobile browser instead, please bookmark our mobile-friendly site. You can reach the mobile site by clicking here.


Please ensure to periodically update your TBN club profile. Perhaps upload a photo of yourself (so other members know who you are), confirm that your email address listed is correct (as this is the primary way for us to contact you), confirm your phone and emergency contacts are still valid, and update your current (or former) occupation and let us know if and how you would like to volunteer with TBN. We are always looking for helping hands, especially those with needed skills. How to do this: Login to the website, click on your name, then click Edit Profile. When you are done, press Save to commit your changes.

TBN routes: one of our most prized assets

You asked for a library of TBN routes. We listened. A new work-in-progress page offers a convenient way to find some of our routes, with links to rides mapped through RideWithGPS. We have over 1,000 routes in total, including many duplicates and obsolete routes, so this will become an easier way to find a specific ride than by backtracking to RideWithGPS in our online Calendar. Check it out.

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