Stretching for Cyclists

Back Stretches

  1. Hands lightly on thighs
  2. Reach one arm across under chest stick bottom out to arch back - lift chest
  3. Tuck bottom under to round/flex back
  4. One leg over the other (IT band stretch)& lift opposite arm for side stretch

Neck/Chest Stretches

Place right arm behind back -keeping shoulders square/level -take chin to chest -ADD tipping left ear towards left shoulder -ADD rotating head a little to the right -'fiddle' with the turn/tip - to direct the stretch to where you need it most! -reverse for other side

Quad & Hip-Flexer Stretches

Quads Stretch

1- Keep thighs parallel and together, drop tailbone - to flatten lower back, keep chest upright (don't lean back), squeeze buttock to open front of leg more

2 & 3 Hip-Flexer Stretches

Buttocks & Hamstring Stretches

Buttocks #1 & #2
-gently pull thigh towards shoulder on the SAME side - feel stretch on opposite buttock


Stretches on the Bike

- Back

- Calf

- Hands

- Quads

Images courtesy of Shelagh Baker, Physiotherapist.

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