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TBN Overnight Trips Policy

as amended June 2014

This policy is designed to promote fairness and ensure accountability.

1. Scope

Any TBN-sponsored weekend and multi-day trip, with the exception of Cyclon, will be subject to the Overnight Trips Policy.

2. Trip Proposals

All proposals for overnight trips will be submitted for initial consideration to the Overnight Trips Director and committee (if one exists), at least three months in advance of the desired date of the trip.  Proper promotion is essential to running a good trip, and this lead time is necessary to advertise the trip effectively on the website and in newsletters, as well as to book any facilities required.

Proposed trips must be suitable to time of year and avoid conflicts with other previously approved or core events.

Potential leaders should have some experience in leading trips.

Proposals are to be submitted on a trip submission form (available on the TBN website). They should include such details as the registration period (see sec. 4), minimum and maximum number of participants, cancellation date, and trip booking deadline.

T The object of trip costing is for the trip to break even. The financial portion of the proposal should give a budget, based on realistic participation forecasts and i  including actual quotations from vendors. It should include

·          Cancellation policy of the accommodation chosen: will it refund deposits if the trip is cancelled, and what is the time limit on refunds?

·          Cost of accommodation, travel if applicable, and whether any meals are included

·          All applicable taxes

·          Honorarium for trip leader (see sec. 3).

·          Compensation for additional helpers (such as the sag-wagon driver, if necessary)

·          Cost of route research and scouting

·          An additional 5% contingency factor

·          Total divided into cost per participant

Proposals accepted by the Overnight Trips Director will subsequently be submitted to a Board meeting for approval.

3. Leader Benefits

Leaders of trips will receive an honorarium worth a minimum of $50 as a token of appreciation for their work.  This will consist primarily of the cost of their own participation in the trip. If the trip fee is less than $50, as is the case for instance with most camping trips, they will receive an honorarium of $50 in addition to their own trip fee.  In special cases and where circumstances warrant, these sums may be revised by the Overnight Trips Committee.

The honorarium should be included in the budgeting for the trip. However, the trip leader must initially register and pay along with all the other participants. The compensation should be included in the list of expenses claimed; it will be paid by cheque when all accounting and expenses have been submitted, approved, and processed. In no case should a trip leader withhold the honorarium from a remittance of surplus advances.

Leaders will personally accept no other benefits arising from their position as organizer, but  will report and hand over any offered benefits to the club.

4. Promotion

Leaders must forward a description of the trip to the Overnight Trips Director in order that the trip can be promoted through all of the club’s promotional channels--website, Quick Release newsletter, Chain of Events email letter, and social media platforms--well in advance of the first booking date. Full details and itinerary must be available before the trip goes on sale.

5. Registration

All trips will be advertised with a first booking date. The leader prior to this date may take NO reservations.

The trip should be open to club members only for an initial period, after which non-members may apply.

A registration form will be created for on-line registration and payment. The form should include details specific to that trip, such as meal preferences or point of departure.

Registration is generally completed on line even if the member elects to pay by cheque (which can be indicated on the registration form). In exceptional circumstances, the registrant may request that the trip leader complete the on-line registration for him or her.

In addition, all registrants must sign the TBN's Release of Indemnity Agreement and Waiver form. They may read it on the TBN website, and tick a box on the registration form to signal their agreement.

6. Non-member Registration

Non-members may participate in multi-day trips with the payment of an additional amount to be set by the leader and the Overnight Trips Committee.

7. Right to Bar Individuals from Trips

With the approval of the Overnight Trips director and/or Overnight Trips Committee, the trip leader has the right to exclude any individual whose presence on a trip is anticipated to be disruptive and in conflict with the other participants' enjoyment. Past behaviour that may be taken into account in making a decision to exclude someone will include abusive language, violence, excessive drunkenness, lecherous behaviour, or an unwillingness to sign the waiver.

Trip leaders may also decline an applicant if they are aware that the level of the trip is above the ability of the cyclist, or that their equipment is not suitable for this type of trip.

8. Trip Payment

Payment is normally made on line via the Pay Pal system at the time of registration. The Overnight Trips Director, who has access to the administrative view of the web site, will send the participant registration details, including payment amount, to the trip leader on a spreadsheet on a periodic basis or on request by the trip leader.

Payments by cheque are also allowed after the participant has registered on line. Cheques should be made out to “The Toronto Bicycling Network Inc.” and sent to the Treasurer at the TBN mailbox.  The Treasurer will deposit the cheque, record the payment under the individual’s name in the website database, and notify the trip leader that the money has been received.

No payments should be accepted after the event.

9. Confirmations

A participant is 'booked' for a trip only when payment is actually received.

When a payment has been accepted on line, or when the Treasurer has received and deposited a cheque and updated the registrant’s record on the website, an automatic email to the participant is generated, saying that enrolment has been confirmed.

10. Waiting Lists

When a trip sells out  a waiting list will be started. The website and any other promotional material will be updated to reflect the sell-out status and to notify people that a waiting list is available. If there is a waiting list, members will be given preferential treatment when space opens up. If there are no members on the waiting list when space becomes available, then that space will go to the first non-member; that individual will not be forced to relinquish the spot at some later date when a member's name is added to the waiting list.

11. Participant Cancellations

No TBN financial losses due to participant cancellations will be allowed. If there is a waiting list, the fee may be refunded minus an administrative charge to be determined by the Committee as appropriate to the trip. Otherwise, if participants are unable to attend, it is up to them to sell their spot subject to the approval of the trip leader. If they are unable to find a suitable replacement they will be liable for the full cost of their participation, with no refund issued.

A partial refund may, however, be issued at the discretion of the Overnight Trips Director and committee when there are mitigating circumstances and the finances of the individual trip permit.

The trip leader is responsible for communicating the trip cancellation policy to trip participants on the registration form.

12. Trip Cancellations

The TBN Board reserves the right to cancel any trip without warning and refund monies paid by leaders or participants.

13. Financial Arrangements

Advances against anticipated expenses are available to all leaders. The club Treasurer will make payments directly to venues and suppliers wherever possible.

The leader is required to submit a final report (on a form available on the TBN website) to the Overnight Trips Director no later than six weeks after the event. As well as a trip report with itinerary (and maps, if applicable) and list of participants, it should include an expense report with all receipts and supporting documentation. Notes should indicate the reason for any amount paid by a participant that is at variance with what others paid.

The TBN shall be liable for losses, but the Board's scrutiny should include a reasonable assessment of the participation in a given venture and may involve assurance by the leader as to the forecast number of participants. Any surpluses from advances or from the trip are the property of the TBN and are subject to the control of the Board of Directors.

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