We recently finished a successful season of Fall City Walks, with our annual Bonfire & Pot Luck Lunch Walk, followed by our Christmas Lights Walk.

On January 7 we will start our Winter Walk program. These walks are similar to the Fall walks in that there will be a walk starting Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM, beginning at or very near a subway station, that will go for about 10 Km, use city streets and ravines, have a coffee/washroom break around the middle, and often a snack or lunch stop near the end. The walks either return to the starting subway station or to another subway station. The level of difficulty is similar to a Leisure Wheeler or Urban Roller bike ride. Frequently longer or shorter routes will be available. These walks will continue until the weather is nice enough to begin cycling, often ending in March or April.

The Winter walks differ from the Fall walks, in that they are less formal, with the start point and route not scheduled very far in advance. Information is usually provided by the Wednesday before the walk. This allows us to be more flexible to accommodate changing weather conditions, perhaps attempting to keep the wind at our backs, or provide a more sheltered route on cold, windy days. It also allows us to visit locations pertaining to current events, or other things that people may find interesting. Some walks may have themes, such as historical events, particular architectural styles, works of art, etc. Also, maps are often not provided, as we tend to stick together in a group. 

One of the changes for this year is that I plan to have walks start at the new subway stations that extend into York Region. This will allow us to visit areas of the GTA that we have not been able to reach easily before.    

I have also had some requests to have some shorter slower walks. I believe most of the  frequent walkers are happy with the typical 10 Km distance, so I will try to accomplish this by having some walks with a second shorter route.


As we have done for the past few years, we will probably arrange to do some sort of walking event for Jane's Walk (May 4, 5, & 6) and for Doors Open Toronto (May 26 & 27).


Note that there are currently no scheduled TTC subway closures for the winter.

These walks are free to both TBN members and non-members. Non-members  will not be charged the $5 non-member fee for the informal winter walks, but they will be asked to sign the waiver form.

If you have any questions about City Walk program, just email me at  

John Burdett

City Walks Coordinator

City Walks

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