If you are looking for something to do when the weather is too cool for comfortable cycling, why not join us for some fun and social walks. From mid-October to mid-December TBN offers scheduled pre-planned Fall City Walks every Sunday morning at 10:00 AM (with one exception), and using city streets and/or ravines. Information on these walks will be available in the Calendar sometime in August.

In the winter, from the beginning of January until it is nice enough to cycle in the spring, we offer a more informal program of similar Winter City Walks, also starting Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM, but the start point, end point , and route will not be announced until a few days before the walk. This allows us to select a route appropriate for the expected weather conditions, reflect current events, or other items of interest.

The City Walks walks start at or very near a subway station, typically go for about 10 Km, and end at either the same or a different subway station. There will usually be a stop for coffee and one or two bathroom breaks. Typically, we end near a location where we can get a snack, lunch, or a beverage. 

We usually stay together as a group, and the level of difficulty is similar to a Leisure Wheeler or Urban Roller bike ride, with a walking pace of about 4 to 5 Km/h. The route will be posted on Ride With GPS, as is done for bike rides, so you can preview the route to see if you would find it interesting, and to allow faster walkers to go on ahead if they like. 

Some walks may have themes, where we go to look at particular things, and some walks may not, where we just walk to enjoy walking. 

The Fall City Walks are free to TBN members. Non-members are welcome, but will be asked to sign the waiver form and pay the $5 non-member fee. The Winter City Walks are free to both members and non-members, but non-members must sign the waiver form, either via the web site or via hard copy at the start.

We expect there will fewer scheduled TTC subway closures than last season, and we will attempt to schedule around these outages so that the start and end points are accessible by subway from downtown. However, before heading out, please check the TTC Scheduled Subway Closures site at to see if this has changed. Also, check for other TTC bus or streetcar diversions at

As we have done for the past few years, we will likely arrange to do some sort of unofficial walking events for Jane's Walks and for Doors Open Toronto, both of which will probably occur in May 2020.

If you have any questions about the City Walk program, please email me at

John Burdett - City Walks Coordinator

City Walks

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