TNTO 2022 FAQs and Training Tips


How many people participate in TNTO? 

There are approximately 40 participants.  There are 2 start points and many differences in pace so it’s rare to see more than about 10 cyclists at one time (except at the beginning of each day).

Do people all ride together as a group?

People tend to form their own groups at the start on Saturday of TNTO depending on pace.  Some people start setting up a group prior to the event by talking to people while on other club rides. We strongly recommend that no one rides alone. It's a challenging ride; being in a group of riders reduces the chances of getting lost, helps with mechanical issues and provides support in case of accident/injury, etc. 

The event description states TNTO is an unsupported ride. What does this mean?

Unsupported means there is no mechanical support, no van to pick you up in case of difficulty, no ride leaders or sweeps.

Do all participants stay at the same hotel?

Yes, the majority of participants stay at the same hotel.  However, a few participants have opted for the Map & Luggage Only option and they have booked their own room at a hotel nearby.

What is the name of our hotel?

Rodeway Inn Fallsview, located at 6663 Stanley Avenue, Niagara Falls, ON.  (905) 354-2322.  (NOT the Rodeway Inn & Suites on Lundy’s Lane.)

Is there a pool at our hotel?

Yes, there is an outdoor pool at our hotel.

Where are the bikes stored overnight?

Our hotel will allow you to store your bike in your room.

Are route maps available ahead of time?

No. Maps and instructions are provided to registered participants at check in at the ride start on Saturday morning.

Does the TNTO route follow the Waterfront Trail or the lakeshore?


Are there food/water stops on the route?

Yes, the maps will indicate where the food/water options are. On some parts of the route these are not plentiful, but are adequate. We recommend you bring food, and a minimum of 2 bottles of water, and replenish supplies whenever possible.

Is there an organized group dinner on Saturday night?

Everyone is on their own for dinner on Saturday night in Niagara Falls.  Usually small groups self-organize and head out for dinner at different times and to different restaurants. There are several restaurants within walking distance of our hotel. 

Where can I get breakfast early on Sunday morning?

In your welcome package you will receive a list of nearby restaurants.

How much luggage can I bring?  Can I bring my own floor pump?

There is limited space in the luggage van, limit your luggage to one (1) carry-on, small soft-sided overnight bag or knapsack. A floor pump and large bulky items cannot be accepted.  A pump will be available at the luggage van that you can use if needed.

Can I register at the TNTO start location on Saturday morning?

No. All participants must have previously registered for TNTO. Only people who have pre-registered and pre-paid for TNTO are qualified to participate in this event.

What if I want to cancel my reservation?

Cancellations are possible until June 1, 2022 provided there is someone of your gender on the official waiting list who can take your place, and are subject to a $20 cancellation fee. No refund of any kind will be made after June 1, but you may sell your spot privately.

Where and when does the ride start on Saturday?

For those starting near High Park:  Our luggage van will arrive at 7:00 a.m. at the parking lot at 2155 Bloor Street West (Parking lot across the street from Runnymede Public Library). Go to the van to check in, pickup your maps (both days maps are provided), and drop your bag.  All cyclists should leave the parking lot by 8:00 a.m.

For those starting at Stoney Creek:  Our luggage van will arrive at The Children’s Aid Society parking lot in Stoney Creek at approximately 9:30 a.m.  Go to the van to check in, pickup your maps (both days maps are provided), and drop your bag.

What are the driving directions to the Stoney Creek start location?

Drive west on the QEW to Centennial Parkway (Highway 20). Turn right. Drive south to Arrowsmith Rd. (very short drive); look for Tim Hortons on the right side at Arrowsmith.  Turn right onto Arrowsmith.  Park at The Children’s Aid Society (CAS), 26 Arrowsmith Rd, next to Tim Hortons.  Do not park at Tim Hortons.  

Where do I park my car?

For those starting at High Park:   There is no overnight parking in High Park and you will have to find alternative parking.   Be sure to allow sufficient time.

For those starting at Stoney Creek:  The Children's Aid Society (CAS) has graciously permitted us to park in their parking lot Saturday and Sunday.  They request that we park at the FRONT of their building, not at the back. The CAS is located at 26 Arrowsmith Road in Stoney Creek, next to Tim Hortons.

What if I want to change my start location?

If you want to change your start location you need to notify us; email  If it’s a last-minute change the day before or on the Saturday morning of TNTO call Lora at 647-772-8021..

What if I decide on Saturday morning of TNTO to not show up at all?

Notify us by calling Lora at 647-772-8021.

What if I start but cannot finish the ride due to an unforeseen incident?

If you are unable to arrive at the destination within a reasonable time on either day of TNTO for any reason (injury, mechanical issue, weather, etc.) notify the TNTO Coordinators or TNTO luggage van driver; mobile phone numbers will be provided with the route maps.  If you are involved in an accident or suffer an injury that requires medical attention call 911. In all situations let us know details about the incident, what your plans are and how we can arrange to get your luggage to you.

Is there a specific time that I must finish the ride on Saturday?

No, however, we’d like to see that everyone has arrived safely at the hotel in Niagara Falls before 7:00 pm, and definitely before dark.  If you are delayed for any reason call in to notify us.

What time will the luggage be available for pickup on Sunday?

Those going to Stoney Creek must be at The Children’s Aid Society parking lot between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm to pick up their luggage. The van will leave the parking lot at 3:00 pm.  If you don’t arrive on time you should go to High Park to pick up your luggage.

The van will be at 2155 Bloor Street West (Parking lot across the street from Runnymede Public library), at approximately 4:00 pm and will leave there at 7:00 pm. If you are delayed for any reason call in to notify us.

Be sure to put an id tag on your bag with your name and mobile phone #.

Training Tips

What are the recommended training guidelines to prepare for TNTO?

If your departure point is High Park: The total mileage you should have ridden prior to TNTO is at least 1,000 km and you should be able to ride a distance of at least 135 km/day.

If your departure point is Stoney Creek: The total mileage you should have ridden prior to TNTO is at least 600 km and you should be able to ride a distance of at least 75 km/day.

Any other tips for riding TNTO?

  • This is a rain or shine or hot or cold event.  Come prepared.
  • Participants are expected to be self-sufficient and rely on their own resources in the event of the unforeseen such as bad weather, mechanical breakdown, fatigue.  Have a plan!  Bring credit card/money, identification, health card, mobile phone/calling card.  Ride with a buddy or group. If you start and then later abandon the ride or will be significantly delayed arriving at the destination for any reason call the TNTO Coordinator’s mobile phone number (on the maps) or the Rodeway Inn to notify us.
  • Your bike should be mechanically sound and suitable for riding long distance. Bring a pump, patch kit, spare tube(s), tire levers, tools appropriate for your bike.
  • Bring a supply of high-carb energy food and water to consume regularly. Bring at least 2 water bottles. 
  • Wear clothing and gear appropriate for cycling long distance and the forecasted weather.  Don’t use this ride to break-in new clothing or gear.
  • Use skin lube to prevent saddle sores.

Who is on the TNTO organizing team this year?

The TNTO Coordinators are Lora Flanagan, Martin Lansche and the TNTO Committee (Vicky Laurens, Carlos Ramos and Ann Garnet). They handle the hotel arrangements and manage inquiries, registrations, and finances. They will be driving the luggage van and their car to help with luggage and transfers.

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