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Updated April 20, 2017

TBN continues to offer this popular standard short sleeve jersey with new features including zippered water resistant pocket with a reflective zipper 




TBN also offers a wider variety of garments.




Click an item below to learn more about features and specs before you order - remember that all sales are final


Tech Pro jersey $74.80*
Tech summer $81.40*
Tech Lite (lesser quality fabric) $52.80*
Tech Pro sleeveless $74.80*
Tech lite sleeveless (lesser quality fabric) $51.70*
Tech Pro long sleeve $88.80*


WindGuard vest $63.80*
Intermediate WindGuard vest $103.40*


WindGuard jacket $79.20*
Thermoshield winter jacket $162.80*


Tech Pro bibs $96.80*
Tech Pro shorts $84.70*
Performance bib $157.30*
Performance Shorts $143.00*

(Some items offer upgrades at an additional cost)

(*Plus HST)

How to Order Your Garment 

(read carefully: all sales are final, no refunds, no exchanges).


Carefully follow these steps:
  1. Sizing Option 1 - Download the NEW sizing charts from Champion Systems (CS) to determine your size. There are numerous sizes to choose from, but here are some tips: If this is your first cycling garment, note this apparel is not casual, its more technical and has a snug fit. If you want a looser fit, or are in between sizes, then size up. For shorts, you can order either the bib shorts (as shown) or regular cycling shorts with waistband. If you need a little more comfort and space around waist and belly, then CS recommends the bib shorts.

  2. You will order the garment online directly from CS with a valid credit card. There is no other way to order. 

  3. Whether you purchased a jersey in the past or this is your first purchase, please click this link to begin shopping. 

  4. To choose an item, click one of the collage images that appears, but do not click the first image called "Cycling Jerseys" as it is incorrect. Click any of the other four images. Here is a marked-up version of the web page you will see   

    • During the ordering process, you will have some choices:

    • You can choose the "TECH Pro jersey", which is the jersey we've had since 2014, but now with a water resistant and reflective zippered pocket. It is here that you select a short sleeve, long sleeve or sleeveless version. There is also a Men's "Race Cut" but that is very tapered and recommended only for those racing or who want a very tight fit.

    • If you prefer a lighter and more breathable fabric for those hot and humid summer days, you can choose a "TECH Summer" jersey, available in short sleeve only. 

    • There is also a less expensive but lesser quality jersey called "Tech Lite"', available in short sleeve or sleeveless.  This one may not be quite as durable as the others.

  5. Checkout when ready. You will be asked to Login or SignUp – those who purchased in past can enter their previous username and password.  First time customer will need to create login details to complete the purchase.

  6. Complete your billing address 

  7. Do not change the shipping address 

  8. Enter your payment information - HST is added at this step

  9. Once CS has at least 10 orders, they will start a production run and deliver the jerseys within 5-6 weeks from submission of order.

  10. Jerseys will be bulk delivered to one central location in Toronto. Upon arrival, a TBN volunteer will contact each buyer to arrange personal delivery or pick up.

Please note that all sales are final, there are no refunds, so please review the specs of the garment very carefully. Is it the correct sleeve type? Does it have pockets? (some vests may not). Are you sure about the size?

Please direct questions to

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