May 4, 2016

Chain of Events

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Overnight trips

Take your cycling season to a new level with these great TBN overnight trips. 


May 20 - May 23

Niagara Hike and Bike

Our Niagara trip has space for one male rider only. Contact Carl Friesen at to fill that spot or to join the waiting list.


June 18 - June 19


Registration is open for the always popular two-day adventure from Toronto to Niagara Falls and back. Take the long route, from Toronto's High Park for back-to-back rides of over 160km each day, or the shorter version from Stoney Creek near Hamilton. The price includes motel and baggage transfer for this challenging, unsupported ride.  


June 24-26

Presqu'ile Prescription 

Watch the web site for details of our camping trip to scenic Prince Edward County area starting from Presqu'ile Provincial Park. Provided will be two pancake breakfasts and provisions for two sandwich lunches.  Saturday night dinner will be potluck. The cost is $40 for TBN members and $45 for non-members.


July 29 - August 1


Cylon, TBN's flagship weekend event, takes place in historic Kingston, with rides, meals and a fabulous banquet. Click here for details. Early bird pricing ends on May 31, so register soon.


August 19-21

Rock Point Relaxer 

Our second 2016 camping trip gives you the chance to cycle along the Lake Erie shoreline starting from Rock Point Provincial Park. Just like the Presqu’ile trip, two pancake breakfasts and provisions for two lunches will be provided, while the Saturday night dinner will be potluck. The cost is $40 for TBN members and $45 for non-members. Details coming soon on the website.


Although the Summer Solstice motel trip to Prince Edward County will not be happening this year, there will be other trips in the region to be announced soon.


Contact Janet at if you have any suggestions for a trip or if you wish to lead one. Trip leaders have their fees paid by TBN. 

Come kick off the season this Saturday

Don't miss TBN's spring kickoff on Saturday, May 7, at Etienne Brule Park, just down the hill from the Old Mill subway station. We're offering a free breakfast, handy maintenance tips from Velofix, info from Cycle Toronto, all followed by rides at different speeds and lengths. 

Bring a non-member guest (at no cost) to show them what TBN is all about and you will both be eligible to win a $50 gift certificate from a local bike shop. We'll have other prize giveaways as well.

Breakfast starts at 9am, and rides will depart between 1030 and 11am. Please register in advance so we know how much food to order.

Skills and safety

Learn how to improve your cycling skills and become a safer and more confident rider with a two-evening session of classroom and on-the-road instructions. Learn and practice basic riding skills, including navigating around streetcar and railroad tracks, how to signal your intentions to fellow riders in a group, and emergency evasive techniques. This important course will take place on May 9 and May 16 at the Holy Spirit Catholic School, 3530 Sheppard Avenue East.

Please register for the sessions and note that participants must commit to attend both sessions.

Tremendous touring tips

Have you ever wanted to tour by bike but don't know where to begin? Join us May 18 for a talk hosted by TBN member Peter Brother about bike touring. Peter's talk will include selecting and equipping a bike; how to pack and load; camping equipment; how to dress for different weather conditions; training; trip planning; food and nutrition; and so much more. 

After the session Martin Neale from Hoopdriver Bicycles will offer some basic bike maintenance, followed by a one hour visit to Hoopdriver Bicycles where you can take advantage of a special 10% discount.

Participants will be invited to join Peter on a mini-tour camping trip to Valens Conservation area at the end of May. Details to be discussed at the seminar, which takes place at FitJourney, 566 Annette Street.

Learn more and register here for the event.

The power of the draft

TBN isn't Tour de France, but you can still ride faster and conserve energy by working efficiently. Register now for a special session on how to draft, handle hills, speed variation, and key safety tips. This instruction will enable you to ride better and endure longer on rides like TNTO, and many of lengthier or faster Tourist, Wed Wheelie and Country Cruise rides. 

This session - May 28 at Birchmount Stadium - is open for limited registration to intermediate riders -- Tourist or strong Urban Roller riders.

Help for heart

TBN is again asking for volunteers to act as ambassadors at the annual Ride for Heart on Sunday, June 5. 

TBN Ambassadors are required to assist with basic mechanics, flats, alerting medical staff to emergencies, guiding traffic, helping distressed cyclists, and overall being the "eyes and ears" of the event.

Register here as an ambassador and help to continue a 20 year tradition.

We will also need volunteers at the booth to help promote TBN; please contact to volunteer.

Spread the word

Tell all your friends that TBN is waiving the guest fee during the entire month of May. We want everyone to experience the joy of cycling with the great members that make up our club.

Also, if you have a friend that is a non member, but who you think might enjoy receiving these Chain of Events emails, please direct that person to

MVPC – Most Valuable Person Cycles

Spring is here, and it's time to re-learn the basics of cycling safety. It’s very important that you position yourself correctly on the roadway so that you are visible. These are the rules: Manoeuvrability, Visibility, Predictability, and Communication (MVPC), also remembered as Most Valuable Person Cycles.

“M” – Manoeuvrability is about creating and maintaining escape routes so you can take evasive action if necessary. In practice this means riding at least one-metre from the curb, and/or from the door of a parked motor vehicle. This will allow you to avoid wet leaves, drains and other road obstacles. 

“V” – Visibility means ensuring other road users see you. Remain in the flow of traffic, no weaving in and out from between parked vehicles. Stay in motorists’ field of of vision. Motorists will also see you better if you are not hugging the curb, so maintain at least one-metre from the curb. At night, make sure to have proper lights and reflectors.

“P” – Predictability means ensuring that the other road users know where you are going, and how and when you are going to get there. To accomplish this, always ride in as straight a line as possible, no weaving. Stay one-metre from the curb. Stop at intersections. FOLLOW THE RULES OF THE ROAD.

“C” – Communication means letting other road users know what you are doing and what you are going to do. So, signal intentions (use arm signals to indicate turns, slowing and stopping); make eye contact with motorists that are stopped at intersections, use your bell or voice to indicate your presence.

Cycling in the city can be safe, just follow the Most Valuable Person Cycles rules, and you’ll enjoy your riding experience. 

Cycling Resources

Chain of Events will occasionally feature websites of general interest to cyclists, some of which may be Canada/Ontario focused, and some of which will look further afield. If you have sites to add, please email

Cycle Ontario -- News and ideas about cycling routes, events and bike-friendly accommodation across Ontario.

Bike Overnights -- Blogs and other accounts of short cycling trips, most of them self-supported, plus helpful tips on what to bring and how to cope with problems that may arise.

From the last issue: 

Crazy Guy on a Bike -- Low tech cycling blogs from cyclists in every corner of the globe, including quite a few from TBN. Even if you can't be bothered to read the words, check out the pictures, and take a look at the comment pages.

Adventure Cycling -- The Granddaddy of U.S. long-distance cycling, and the compiler of routes from east to west, from north to south and from point to point in between.

Warm Showers -- Sign up to host a travelling cyclist in your home (or to have someone camping on your lawn), and sign up to stay with like-minded people around the world when you're travelling by bike.


TBN Jersey sales are currently suspended due to a change in minimum order requirements from the manufacturer. If you would like to order a jersey, please enter your name and email address here. Once we have 10 registrants, we will follow up with further instructions.

Please check your profile on the TBN website to ensure its up to date. If you move, or change any other information including email address, phone number, emergency contacts or anything else, please take a couple of minutes to edit your profile. Also remember to check off the activities and rides you typically do. Sometimes an important email is sent only to those people who checked a certain ride program box (eg news about a Saturday Morning Ride may be sent to those who check off that box). Log on to your account, click "view profile" at the top right of the screen, and edit away. Please also ensure you have checked off the box for Terms & Conditions.

On your profile, you can also offer to volunteer. As you know, TBN relies on volunteers for all its activities. If you can help, please complete that section.

Remember to re-visit the TBN website before you head out in case your activity is cancelled on short notice. Coordinators will always put safety first and cancel a ride if weather conditions pose a danger.

You do not have to sign up for rides. Just show up at the start point and show your membership card to the ride leader.

Bring out a friend; non members pay $5 (except May, when guest rider fees will be waived)

Remember to visit the TBN calendar of events to find out more about what's coming up.

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