CAN-BIKE Level 3/4 Practical Class

  • 20 Apr 2024
  • 10:00 AM
  • 21 Apr 2024
  • 4:00 PM
  • Playground just north of 87 Osler Street
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  • Choose this option if you are only interested getting CAN-BIKE Level 3 certification.
  • Choose this option if you are interested getting CAN-BIKE Level 4 certification.

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CAN-BIKE LEVEL 3/4 Practical Class

Do you want to increase your cycling skill level? Be safer and more defensive rider Improve your safety on the road? Increase your confidence about riding on city streets? Whether you are a new or a long-term rider, there is always something to learn, some skills to improve, and, admit it, some bad habits to unlearn. Perhaps you are a TBN ride leader, but you are uncertain about what skills / behaviours to demonstrate and encourage as you lead your ride.

CAN-BIKE provides structured classes to help you with all this and more! CAN-BIKE provides a Canada-wide skills curriculum as defined by Cycling Canada, and is recommended by provincial governments and many Canadian cities.


Our CAN-BIKE classes are open to all TBN members. While we encourage our ride leaders to register, they are not prioritized over non-ride leaders. 

Level 3

The first day will cover skills common to both Level 3 and Level 4. If you are intending to only take the Level 3 Practical Class the next day, please use the registration option for Level 3.  You will be given an evaluation of your skills at the end of day 1.

Level 4

The second day of the practical session will cover advanced skills. Rides will be longer and on busier roads. Your application of the theory presented will be carefully evaluated (Road Test). Your mastery of the advanced bike handling skills introduced on Day 1 and 2 will be evaluated. There will also be a written test at the end of Day 2. To be certified at Level 4, you will be required to have 70% or higher each of the Road Test, skills components, and the written test.

If, based on your skills shown on Day 1, the instructors deem that you will be able to complete the 2nd day, you will be advised to attend on Day 2. 

If you previously took the Level 3 class in past, and wish to get Level 4 certified you must attend both Day 1 (Level 3) and Day 2 practical sessions.

If you are interested in becoming a CAN-BIKE Level 5 (Instructor), you must score 90% on the Bike Skills, 80% on the written test, and 90% on the Road test.

Practical Class

This class is an in-person, on-bike follow-on to the Theory class. We are limiting attendance for the Practical Class to 12 attendees.  We will spend approximately 50% of our time in a quiet parking lot practicing bike handling skills and other on-bike topics, and 50% of our time riding around the streets putting to practice the skills that we have covered. We will have a couple of short breaks, plus a lunch break.

You will be required to sign a CAN-BIKE specific waiver. You can see the copy of the waiver at:!Ao0KxfTr52KBiLBwy6gsDSTFH7q-mg?e=nztm1e


Riders must

1. have completed one of the following:

The instructor will cancel registrations of anyone who does not complete the Theory class.

2. be capable of signaling while riding per the CAN-BIKE Bike Handling video. The student must be capable of riding in a straight line, holding one hand on the handlebar, and the other hand indicating a signal.

3. be capable of riding distances of up to 30 km, at a speed no slower than 15 km/h. Typically, the rides are at a 16 to 18 km/h pace. These are essentially Leisure Wheeler speeds and distances.

4. be riding a bike that meets Ontario Highway Traffic Act standards.  

Any riders that prove to be indecisive, have bad judgment, etc. on the road, will be automatically failed and will be told to go home. Any rider whose bike does not meet the HTA standards will also be automatically failed, and told to go home.

     Where: Playground just north of 87 Osler Street, Toronto
     Instructors: Andrew Paterson and Martin Lansche who are both certified at CAN-BIKE Level 5 (Instructor Level).

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