Fall Hiking - Mono Cliffs New Route 12 km

  • 21 Nov 2021
  • 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Halton Hills
  • 5


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Registration will be open 6 days before the event.  We will open the site for registrations the Monday morning before the hike at 9.30 am. I realize this can be a pain but it will help prevent people from registering for all future hikes.  It will be just like the rides that we have been doing this season.


Please keep in mind that Winter Hiking is different than Fall Hiking.  Proper footwear is a must for any hike and icers may be required

Mono Cliffs contains a significant section of the Niagara of the Niagara Escarpment, including crevice caves, an upland limestone plain and talus slopes.  The area features two prominent masses of rock, separated by erosion from the main rock body.  When this occurs, the resultant feature is called an outlier.  This will be a hilly climb comparable to the Hockley Valley trails.  The hike will be a loop going round McCarston's Lake and then up to the Lookout where if the weather cooperates we will be able to see the CN Tower.  We then hike back through the centre of the Park.

Distance:  12 km

There will be a new route this year that is currently without RWGPS coordinates.  The hike leader has pre hiked the new route and assures us that it will be as good or better than our previous routes 

Pace:       Moderate (~3.5 km/hr)

Terrain:     Moderate - rocky with hills and/or poor footing.              

Directions:   Parking as usual this year is at a premium but because of increased ticketing by the police we are going to use the lot at the Mono Community Center.


Hike Leader:  Ann Brown

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