Country Cruise - Toogood Pond Picnic Cruise

  • 12 Aug 2018
  • 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Free Parking Lot, Park Drive, Stouffville

Toogood Pond Picnic Cruise

TBN Annual Picnic in Unionville

This Country Cruise has been specially designed so we can enjoy a ride in the country and still join other club members for annual picnic at Toogood Pond in Unionville.  Starting from Stouffville the tour goes east over rolling terrain with a gentle dip south and then back west to Unionville. 

Start:  9:00am! Meet at the Stouffville Free Parking Lot. Go north on Hwy 404 to Stouffville Road and then east along Main Street to Park Drive.  Turn right at Park Drive.  The free parking lot is on the left (i.e. on the south east corner of Main Street and Park Drive.)

Distances:  68 km and 87 km (revised from last year - print a new map and cue sheet)

Ride Leader(s):  Rein Suurallik /  Sandra  Loughead

RWGPS Cues and Maps: 

Short: 68km - Toogood Pond Picnic CC

Long: 87km - Toogood Pond Picnic CC

Cue sheets & maps - PDFs: - (updated Mon. Aug. 06, 2018)

Short: 68km -  Short_Too_Good_Pond_Country_Cruise.pdf 

Long: 87km - Long_Too_Good_Pond_Country_Cruise.pdf

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