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  • Friday Night Ice Skating November 24

Friday Night Ice Skating November 24

  • 24 Nov 2017
  • 6:45 PM - 8:45 PM
  • York Mills Arena, 2539 Bayview Ave.

Hello Ice Skaters,

We will return to York Mills arena on Nov. 24. Terry Walsh (Wednesday night ride coordinator) will be your host. We were supposed to have gone to Harbour Front Centre but they have a problem with long bladed speed skates (used by Terry Walsh) for health and safety reason. If you'll forgive the bad pun, "a blade in the buttocks is an arse of a different colour." And after that will be at an outdoor rink as city outdoor rinks open Nov. 26. York Mills arena is located at 2539 Bayview Ave. (southeast corner of York Mills Rd. and Bayview Ave. Getting there by ttc, subway to York Mills and take York Mills 122 or 95 bus and get off at Bayview or a Bayview 11 bus and get off at York Mills Rd. There is lots of parking for those driving. The public skating hours at this rink are from 6:45 to 8:45 p.m. Ice is cleaned at 6:30 and 7:45 p.m. We usually skate till about 8:15 and then go for a late dinner. Unfortunately our favorite apre's (Richtree) across from the arena has closed so we'll need to car pool to a restaurant close by. Please let Terry know if you need a ride or can give a ride and he will match drivers and those needing a ride. If you're giving a ride, please drop off your passengers at a subway after the apre's. 

For those first timers to Friday Night Ice Skating, you do not need a tbn membership to participate as we skate on public rinks. This is not an athletic event but a social one. All levels of skaters from non skaters and beginners are welcomed. "Non Skaters"? Sometimes we have had more people at the apre's than on the ice, once we know the venue the skaters call their friends and the more the merrier. Like all events in the Toronto Bicycling Network we rely on volunteers. There are usually 18 dates from mid November to mid March and I have shown up at 12 or more dates. The dates I can't make it a volunteer has hosted the skate. Last June I moved to Newmarket so I will only be able to host Jan. 5 and March 16 next. The other 15 dates will be hosted by Arun Parti, Catherine Whitfield, Elena Balland, George Witte, Jane Sauder, Julie Postil, Lesley Stevens, Neale Hunt, Susan Bishop and Terry Walsh. Some of the rinks we'll go to will be; Greenwood, Regent Park, Harbour Front Centre, High Park, Richmond Green, Mel Lastman Square, City Hall, Christie Pits, The Bentway, Col. Sam Smith, Cosburn, Withrow Park etc. So lets get those blades sharpened and see you on the ice!

Fred Lee, ice skating coordinator and occasional ride leader.

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