Cyclon 2017 Saturday dinner options

  • 05 Aug 2017
  • Kingston, Ontario
  • 86


  • Hosts: Anne Marie & Cecil
    Restaurant: Amadeus Café
  • Hosts: Sheila & Chris
    Restaurant: Curry Original
  • Hosts: Susan, Patricia & Bob S.
    Restaurant: Megalos
  • Hosts: Jacqueline and Ray
    Restaurant: Grizzly Grill
  • Host: Donna
    Restaurant: Tir Nan Og
  • Hosts: Ian and Carole
    Restaurant: Woodenheads Gourmet Pizza
  • Host: Victoria
    Restaurant: Chez Piggy
  • Hosts: RJ & Andrea
    Restaurant: The Toucan

These dinner events are only for people registered for Cyclon.

See the Cyclon Saturday Dinners web page before making a choice.


Following the tradition set in Ottawa, this year we are going to take advantage of our closeness to downtown Kingston.  Cyclon volunteers will be hosting smaller group dinners in the neighbouring restaurants and venues.

There are eight groups planned for Saturday night, and you are invited to get your friends (new or old) together to sign up for an enjoyable dining experience.  Each group will only accommodate a limited number of people.  Sign up beforehand, to avoid disappointment.  Billing will be individual; at each dinner venue, so your cost will be determined by your selections.

Please register for the group dinner you would like to attend.

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