Sunday Urban Roller - Can I get a ride to the Airport?

  • 02 Jul 2017
  • 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM
  • Kipling TTC - North Lot

Can I get a ride to the Airport?

If you like planes (in addition to bikes) this is the ride for you. We will circumnavigate the perimeter of Pearson Airport passing under the end of all of the runways. The route has been revised a bit this year to eliminate the trail section, and adjusted to avoid the road construction that seems to sprout like mushrooms this time of year. It's a bit longer too, to fit in with ride lengths at this time of the year. Lunch at the Wendy's/Country Style under the end of the north runway. If the wind is right, the landing planes put on a good show.

The route has been revised slightly this year to keep us off of Derry Road.

Meet for a 10 am departure from the north parking lot of the Kipling TTC station. This lot is the one closest to Dundas St. W. and Subway Crescent.

Please print a copy of the cue sheet provided from the link listed below. Please note that the Ride with GPS cue sheet directions have not been edited and may not be accurate, but the linked cue sheet has been checked.

Non-members are welcome to join the ride with a payment of five dollars and signing of the waiver form. All participants are required to wear a helmet.

Distance:  51 km

Level: Urban Roller

Map:  Ride with GPS 2017 

Cue sheet:   Airport 2017

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