Non-Wednesday Rides Facebook Group

The Wednesday Wheelies have a Facebook closed group called “Non-Wednesday Rides” for the sole purpose of organizing rides on days other Wednesdays. The group is NOT for posting pictures, articles, papers, opinions, news, stories, etc. The group is for all members of the Wednesday Wheelies, and not just the small sub-group that used WhatsApp to organize non-Wednesday rides prior to 2018.

How to Join

To join “Non-Wednesday Rides”,

·         open your Facebook profile page (desktop, android or iPhone),

·         click on the “Groups” button (it’s found in different places on the various platforms),

·         search for “Non-Wednesday Rides”, and

·         when the group comes up, click “Join”.

We will accept your request to join as soon as we see it.

Organizing Non-Wednesday Rides

To organize a non-Wednesday ride,

·         click on the "Events" button,

·         click on the "Create Event" button, and

·         insert the ride details.

Members of the group can then inform the ride organizer that they are "Going", "Maybe", or "Can't Go". They can also comment on or suggest changes to the proposed ride (e.g., the proposed start time, route, distance, etc.).

Reducing the Invasiveness of Facebook

To reduce the invasiveness of Facebook, you can completely turn off the Facebook notification settings so that you only learn about proposed rides when you visit the Non-Wednesday Rides webpage, or you can customize the notification settings to suit your personal circumstances. You may also wish to consider installing the extension F.B. Purity on your browser (other than Safari) in order to black out much of Facebook's "noise".

Alternatives to Facebook

We have looked at numerous alternatives to Facebook for organizing non-Wednesday rides, and have spent a lot of time analyzing and trying out many of them. We concluded that they all had significantly less functionality or convenience than Facebook. Moreover, almost 20 million Canadians apparently already have Facebook accounts (including a few dogs and cats), which in part reflects its usefulness. Thus, notwithstanding the issues surrounding Facebook as well as the philosophical objections of many to the service, we believe that our Facebook group is currently the best way to organize non-Wednesday rides.

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