Saturday Evening Group Dinner Events

There are eight group dinner options for 2019

  • once you sign up, download the associated PDF so you remember which one you chose. Click on the event name to download the associated PDF.
  • these dinners are not paid for by Cyclon.  The cost will depend on what food and beverages you order.
  • please use the same name that you used to register for Cyclon!

REGISTRATION FOR THIS ENDS11:59 pm Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

If spaces are still available at the venue, we will be able to add you to a restaurant of your choice at the registration desk Friday

  1. Beertown
    Hosted by: Jacqueline and Ray
    Restaurant: Beertown Public House
    Meeting Time: 5:45 pm
    Meeting place: Residence Lobby
    Maximum: 15
    Join us for a fun evening out in Waterloo with a huge selection of craft beer and great pub food at Beertown. Dinner reservations at 6:15 p.m.

  2. Best Schnitzel in Town since 1961
    Hosted by: Terry & Joanne Walsh
    Restaurant: Metro Restaurant, 164 & 168 Victoria Street North Kitchener, Ontario N2H 5C6
    Meeting Time: 6:00 pm
    Meeting place: Residence Lobby
    Maximum: 16
    Description: The name says it all “Best Schnitzel” in Town
    .  Last year, there was a Schnitzel meal that included a polish beer.  Join us for great authentic German food in Kitchener.  Dinner reservations at 6:30 pm.

  3. Campus Walk and Casual Eats
    Hosted by: Tony Lau
    Restaurant: DōShack at University Shops Plaza (160 University Ave W, Unit 17A)
    Meeting Time: 5:00 pm
    Meeting place: Residence Lobby
    Maximum: 12
    A short stroll (~1 hour) through the U of Waterloo campus, then casual eats at DōShack (Pizza, Pasta, Panini). Other food options also available in close proximity. Sandals not recommended as route has fine gravel paths.

  4. Delicious food, cognition, perception and digestion, oh my!
    Hosted by: Bill McLean and Cathy Ledden
    Restaurant: Abe Erb Brewery 
    Meeting Time: 6:30 pm
    Meeting place: Residence Lobby
    Maximum: 16
    Description: Abe Erb is a gastro brewpub where Bill and Cathy engage in a round table (likely rectangular) discussion on how cognition, perception, and expectation shape our perception of reality. Is your beer glass half-full or half-empty? We will be sharing our favorite optical illusions to expand your mind and delight your sense of wonder!

  5. Dinner with George
    Hosted by:  George Witte
    The Lion Brewery Restaurant in the Huether Hotel
    Meeting time:  6:15pm
    Meeting place:  Residence Lobby
    Maximum #:  15
    Description:   Upscale pub food. You can view the

  6. Fresh and Delicious
    Hosted by: Karine & Arne
    Restaurant: 271 West
    Meeting Time: 6:15 pm
    Meeting place: Residence Lobby
    Maximum: 15
    Description: Join Arne and I for a short stroll along the path to 271 West Restaurant. With a fabulous selection of handmade pastas, fresh pizzas, grill and catch of the day. There is something for everyone to enjoy and savor.

  7. Fun night out at The Bauer Kitchen
    Hosted by: Carmelle Renaud
    Restaurant: The Bauer Kitchen 
    Meeting Time: 5:15 pm
    Meeting place: Residence Lobby
    Maximum: 10
    Description: trendy, fun
    “up-market bistro set in a restored felt factory”.  Great food featuring local ingredients.  We will walk 25 min. or drive 5 min. to get there.  Reservation is for 6:00 pm.

  8. Let’s try Korean food in Waterloo
    Hosted by: Samantha Ng Qui Sang
    Restaurant: The Famous Owl of Minerva (Korean Restaurant & Bar)
    Meeting time: 6:30 p.m.
    Meeting place: Residence Lobby
    Maximum #: *CANCELLED*
    Check out the menu
    and join me for a fun evening out in Waterloo.  Dinner reservations at 7:00 p.m. Followed by ice cream at Scoop Du Jour.

  9. Marvelous Marbles
    Hosted by: Fulvia Canzian & Silvia Franz
    Restaurant: Marbles Restaurant, 8 William St. E. Waterloo N2J 1K9
    Meeting time: 6:00 p.m.
    Meeting place: Residence Lobby
    Maximum #: 15
    Socialize with fellow Cyclon cyclists while enjoying delicious food, your beverage of choice, and rustic decor at Certificate of Excellence Award Winning restaurant. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available. Check out the menu. We would be glad for you to join us!

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