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Please register for your dinner venue before July 27th, 2022

Dinner hosts need to confirm with the restaurants

There are 11 group dinner options for 2022

- These dinners are not paid for by Cyclon.  The cost will depend on what food and beverages you order.

- Please use the same name that you used to register for Cyclon!

- If spaces are still available at the venue, we may be able to add you to a restaurant of your choice at the registration desk on Friday.

REGISTRATION ENDS:  Wednesday July 27th, 2022

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1.  Beertown

Host: Andrew Paterson

Restaurant: Beertown Public House (London)

Address: 109 Fanshawe Park Rd. East, Masonville Square


Maximum: 12

Meeting time: 6:00 pm at main terrace, reservation for 6:30 pm.

Description: Pub food with rotating beers including tasting paddles, with gluten-friendly and plant-based menus.  There is a patio, but no reservations are available on the patio, so it will depend upon occupancy as to whether we can sit on the patio.  Lots of parking available and a 30 minute walk from the residence.

2.  Budapest

Hosts: Terry and Joanne Walsh

Restaurant: Budapest

Address: 348 Dundas St.


Maximum: 16

Meeting time: 6:00 pm at main terrace, reservation for 6:30 pm.

Description: 60 years of Hungarian Cuisine.  Known throughout London as one of the oldest restaurants in its downtown area.  We will be eating indoors, although it features outdoor seating and live music.  Angle street parking on Dundas, and Impark paid lot across the street.

3.  Dinner at the MoHo

Host: George Witte

Restaurant: Morrissey House

Address: 361 Dundas St.


Maximum: 12

Meeting time: 5:45 pm at main terrace, reservation is for 6:15 pm.

Description: Located in a large old house at 359 Dundas St. in downtown London, The Morrissey House serves upscale pub food and a wide selection of Ontario craft beer and cider.  Reservation is for the front patio.  There is a small pay parking lot just west of the restaurant.  There is also free street parking after 6 pm on the north side of Dundas St. and on Waterloo St, west of the restaurant.

4.  Good Food & Good Vibes

Host: Lora Flanagan

Restaurant: Thaifoon (Downtown)

Address: 120 Dundas St.


Maximum: 13

Meeting time: 5:30 pm at main terrace, reservation for 6:00 pm Description: Intimate, contemporary place for classic Thai fare like noodle stir-fries & curries, plus cocktails.  We will be sitting on the patio.  Parking available on Carling Street.

5.  Greek Night on Richmond

Host: Carmelle Renaud

Restaurant: Dimi's Greek House

Address: 551 Richmond St.


Maximum: 12

Meeting time: 5:00 pm at main terrace, reservation for 5:30 pm.

Description: Traditional Greek restaurant with a modern twist.  Cozy, fun atmosphere and a great patio.  The reservation is for indoors; however, the patio is first come first served, so if there is room for us when we arrive, we will have the option.  Meal portions are large, so some of you may be interested in sharing.  Parking is on the street or in two parking lots across the street.

6.  Marienbad Restaurant

Hosts: Dennis Szilvasy and Chris McGlynn-Szilvasy

Restaurant: Marienbad Restaurant

Address: 122 Carling St.


Maximum: 15

Meeting time: 6:00 pm at main terrace, reservation for 6:30 pm.

Description: This restaurant specializes in Hungarian cooking.  The menu consists of schnitzels, goulash, chicken paprikash, seafood and steaks.  The meals are cooked without heavy sauces and are moderately priced.  Lots of free parking available after 6 pm.

7.  Dine Outdoors on the Old South Pub's wrap-around patio in the heart of London's Wortley Village.

Hosts: Rocco Romeo and Brian Moran

Restaurant: Old South Pub

Address: 149 Wortley Rd.


Maximum: 12

Meeting time: 6:30 pm at main terrace, reservation for 7 pm.

Description: Looking for a delicious dinner made in house from fresh, seasonal ingredients? Come join us on the Old South Pub's wrap-around patio for a wide selection of salads, bowls, sandwiches, burgers, and pizza in a restored Victorian home! Just a five minute drive from the university!  And if there's interest, we can check out a live band that's very close to the pub after dinner!  In the event of inclement weather, we'll eat inside the pub.  Free parking on Wortley Rd. and in the area near the restaurant.

8.  The President's Dinner- Craft Beer and Gourmet Flair

Host: Gord Irish

Restaurant: The Church Key Bistro Pub

Address: 476 Richmond St.


Maximum: 12

Meeting time: 6:00 pm at main terrace, reservation for 6:30 pm.

Description: The Church Key follows the British tradition of the gastro pub by specializing in traditional food done with a gourmet flair.  Chef Michael Anglestad has over 20 years of experience in fine dining and uses seasonal, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.  There is a parking lot behind the pub (east of Richmond) off Dufferin St.  There is also parking behind the Grand Theatre off Dufferin St. west of Richmond.

9.  Tip of the Toque at Toboggan Brew Pub

Host: Mireille Macia

Restaurant: Toboggan Brewing Company

Address: 585 Richmond St.


Maximum: 12

Meeting time: 5:30 pm at main terrace, reservation for 6 pm.

Description:  With a warm atmosphere, extensive drink selection and wide food menu, Toboggan Brewing Company takes the whole dining experience to a new level.  Enjoy sampling a variety of wheat ales, IPA, stouts, ciders as well as bottled beers and an international wine list.  The menu includes a selection of small plates like frites, wings, Mac & Cheese, BBQ meat platters, pizzas, salads and more.  If there is space, we can sit on the patio.  Street parking is available and accessible by public transit.

10.  Who doesn't like Pizza?

Hosts: Ray Gubala and Jacqueline Taylor

Restaurant: La Cucina Pizzeria

Address: 731 Richmond St.


Maximum: 12

Meeting time: 5:50 pm at main terrace, reservation for 6:30 pm.

Description: A selection of pizzas and Italian food to fuel your engine for the next day of riding at Cyclon.  We've booked indoors, so if it is too hot or too wet, you can stay indoors and be cool and relaxed.  Will walk as a group to restaurant.

11.  Yasmine's Authentic Lebanese Cuisine- Highly-rated yummy Lebanese food on a patio!

Hosts: Manuela Gobbato and David Weil

Restaurant: Yasmine's Authentic Cuisine

Address: 1737 Richmond St.


Maximum: 12

Meeting time: 6:00 pm at main terrace, reservation at 6:30 pm

Description: Yasmine's serves fresh-baked wood-oven pita bread, but also has many gluten-free options; meat dishes, and extensive vegetarian and vegan menu.  Sitting on the patio.  Parking is available.  3 km walk from Western residence, 15 minutes by bus or 8 minute drive.

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