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Toronto-Niagara-Toronto Hairshirt Classic Double Century

322 kilometres in one day!

Sunday, June 22, 2014 6 AM

The TNT Hairshirt is a personal cycling challenge whose name comes from a medieval form of penance, in which monks wore shirts woven of coarse horse hair. Our Hairshirt ride pits the lonely rider and their bicycle against the road and the elements, and for this reason the organizers provide no support other than a map and encouragement. The Hairshirt was founded in 1978; and TBN assumed sponsorship in 1988. The records below go back to 1992. Owen Rogers managed the event up through 2013.

The group leaves the corner of Duke of York Blvd and Burnhamthorpe Rd in Mississauga at 6:00 AM sharp on the first Sunday on or after June 21. You have until midnight to complete the ride. Participants must wear CSA-, Snell-, or CPSC-approved helmets. Please bring lights if you expect to finish after dusk.  As usual, TBN waives the customary $5 participation fee for non-members.  32 cyclists started the ride in 2013. Why not make 2014 your Hairshirt year? Sign up on the Hairshirt event page  

6 AM Square One June 24, 2012  

Map handed to registered participants by Owen Rogers in 2010:  Left half  Right half with cuesheet. YouTube videos: 2011 Hairshirt Part I  2011 Hairshirt Ride Part II.  Hairshirt handout - print a copy for your friends: Handout in colour   Handout in B&W

Links to on-line routes at RideWithGPS:   Daylight finish   Night-time finish  GPS files are available to suit many devices. Click on the Export tab at the top of the right-hand pane.

2014 map and cuesheets:  Map  Cuesheeet for daylight finish   Cuesheet for night-time finish  Print your own copy!

For more information, contact Dave Mader at


Unless you enjoy suffering you should be prepared. Your biggest assets will be training, self-sufficiency, and self-confidence. Self-sufficiency comes from the ability to effect simple repairs on your bike and having the right clothing and equipment along. Self-confidence will flow out of self-sufficiency and the knowledge that you've trained enough to complete the distance.

Sub-11 hour double centuries require actual training regimes! (Remember that the Hairshirt is relatively flat so if you do most of your mileage in hilly terrain you can reduce the following mileage figures accordingly).Train at the pace you plan to do the ride at or faster. Eat and drink as you plan to do on the ride. completing weekly cumulative distances of 300 km or more by the end of May. Two weeks before the ride do back-to-back centuries on Saturday and Sunday. The following Saturday do about 220 kms. The next day you should do an easy spin (active rest) of 50 km or less. You can ride through the week but avoid any hard efforts. Starting Thursday make sure you eat well for the next three days. Get plenty of sleep Friday night.

Ride Day

Not a good day to experiment with new equipment, clothes or food!

The Bicycle
Ideally you will be riding a mechanically-sound, drop-handlebar road bike. Bring a pump, patch kit, spare tube(s), tire levers, multi-tool appropriate for your bike. A spare fold-up tire is good insurance.

Whatever. Don't use the ride to break in a new pair of shoes or shorts, however.

Gourmands and omnivores can buy stuff along the way randonneur-style, but a handlebar bag/seatpack/fanny pack filled with high-carbo energy foods is a popular idea and great for picky eaters--there's no guarantee you'll be able to find your favourite foods when you need them.

On a hot day you'll need lots of liquid and water is the least complicated to absorb, but pay attention to replacing electrolytes, as well. You should have at least two 750 ml water bottles on your bike. Throw in a 2 liter camelback-style reservoir and proper hydration will be the last thing on your mind as long as you remember to drink before you're thirsty!

The Unforeseen
You'll need a plan to get back home if your bike gets trashed, your tire gets chewed up, your freewheel explodes, or you just get exhausted. There are bus stations along the route, or you could arrange to have someone to come pick you up. Just remember to bring your Visa, cellphone and/or calling cards!

Memories of Hairshirts Past

While the Hairshirt is a non-competitive event and the TBN is a non-competitive club some participants do compete against their own personal bests. We see nothing wrong with this as long as they don't blow any stop lights along the way!

June 23, 2013

Individual experiences may vary, but overall this appeared to have been the toughest day since 2002. Very hot, humid, sunny AND windy. The thermometer got up to 32 degrees with a humidex of 40 degrees celsius. There were 32 cyclists at the starting line. Here are complete results. Six DNFs. Special congratulations to TBN'er Dave Mader, a last minute entry, who completed his second Hairshirt at the age of 72. Some event photos courtesy of Noel Tan, Jlen Dlsay, Pierre McAlpine and Dave Mader. And a few more from Adrian Andrei and Alina Ropota.

Participant: Time:    
Larry Optis 10:35 6  
Jeremy Hatt 11:16 3  
Adrian Andrei 12:00 R  
Tony Gonsalves 12:11 R  
Peter Cahill 12:20 2  
Paul McKeever 12:20 R  
Steve Morris 12:20 R Tandem
Susan Morris 12:20 R Tandem
John Hunter 12:20 3  
Pierre McAlpine 12:29 2  
Michael Longfield 12:59 R  
Mark Buckway 13:29 2  
Noel Tan 14:39 3  
Jim Nicholson 14:39 4  
Eric Nicholson 14:39 4  
Drew Cheung 14:40 2  
Paul Min 14:50 5  
Andrew Davis 14:59 R  
Alex Weber 14:59 R  
Ken Beattie 15:00 4  
John Revay 15:00 R  
Peter Huang 15:55 3  
Dave Mader 16:24 2 72!!
Eugene Yatsenko 16:24 3  
Alexander Titov 17:42 4  
Paul Yeskoo 17:42 4  


June 24, 2012

51 cyclists set out on the 35th Annual Hairshirt Classic on another beautiful day. Rain threatened in the latter stages of the ride and light winds swirled all day. The official start time was 6:17 a.m. Partial results below -- still waiting for about 3 to report in. Five DNFs.

Participant: Time:    
Adam Bird 10:00 2  
Jeremy Hatt 10:00 2  
Kevin Lehman 10:00 5  
Alex Bowling 10:49 R  
Lawrence Levin 10:55 3  
Tobias Kucht 10:55 R  
Mark Nieweglowski 11:51 4 bent
Quentin Broad 11:53 R  
Peter Cahill 11:53 R  
Ian Wilcox 11:53 R  
Michael Cranwell 12:16 R  
Scott Enns 12:16 2  
Dave Hamel 12:16 R  
Wallace Pei 12:16 R  
Pavel Gorbunov 12:30 2  
Ross Rader 12:40 3  
Keith Rader 12:40 R  
Mark Buckway 12:53 R  
Richard Hall 12:53 R  
Glen McCrone 12:53 R  
Robyn Meredith 12:53 R  
Peter Spencer 13:05 3  
Noel Tan 13:05 2  
Kerri Anderson 13:05 2  
Steve Wolowich 13:05 2  
Eugene Yatsenko 13:05 2  
Ken Beattie 13:10 3  
Drew Cheung 13:10 R  
Catherine Kwiecien 13:10 2  
Brian Eley 13:12 R  
David Adams 13:40 4  
Michael Beauchamp 13:40 3?  
James Young 13:40 2  
Sam Bootsma 14:35 5  
Amy Festarini 14:46 2  
Jim Nicholson 14:46 3  
Eric Nicholson 14:46 3  
Paul Min 14:48 4  
Scott Currie 14:56 2  
Jonathan Spence 14:56 5  
Jaipaul Massey-Singh 17:04 R  
Ed Herage 17:23 8  


June 26, 2011

A new record turnout of 51 cyclists set out on the 34th Annual Hairshirt Classic on an absolutely gorgeous day. The official start time was 6:15 a.m. This year's ride featured a steady northerly wind, and partly sunny conditions. Partial results below. Four DNFs. Also, some photos courtesy of Noel Tan, Pierre McAlpine, Eugene Yatsenko, Jeremy Hatt (all first time finishers) and Rick Upton. We also have some video of the start from Jeremy's brother Jon. Will post anon.

Participant: Time:    
Ron Clark 10:14 12  
Jeremy Hatt 10:14 R  
Peter Murk 10:14 8  
Larry Optis 10:14 6  
Peter Treacy 10:14 R  
Peter Chae 10:41 4  
Mark Crawford 10:41 R  
Alan Jones 10:41 2  
Lawrence Levin 11:19 2  
Kael Deverell 12:17 R  
Adam Bird 12:26 R  
Pierre McAlpine 12:26 R  
Amy Festarini 12:26 R  
Jim Nicholson 12:26 2  
Eric Nicholson 12:26 2  
Rick Upton 13:04 6  
Scott Enns 13:10 R  
Ross Rader 13:10 2  
Brian Lovelace 13:10 3  
Ken Beattie 13:12 2  
Amanuel Giratta 13:20 R  
Nick Mourtos 13:20 5  
Adriano Basso 13:23 R  
Pavel Gorbunov 13:23 R  
Nemanya Petrovic 13:23 R  
Jessica Wilson 13:23 R  
Peter Huang 13:27 2  
Paul Min 13:33 3  
Owen Rogers 13:33 13  
Marino Vanin 13:33 8  
Adam Mallonee 13:40 4  
Kerri Anderson 14:00 R  
Steve Wolowich 14:00 R  
Brian Blakeley 14:04 R  
James Young 14:04 R  
Navil Alejandro Abuhadba 14:07 R  
Dave Mader 14:07 R 70!!
Noel Tan 14:07 R  
Eugene Yatsenko 14:07 R  
Sam Bootsma 14:35 4  
Scott Currie 16:21 R  
Jonathan Spence 16:21 4  
Micah Markson 16:25 R  
Richard Smith 16:25 2  
David Adams 17:26 3  
Hasnain Dattu 17:30 R  


June 27, 2010

A new record turnout of 44 cyclists set out on the 33rd Annual Hairshirt Classic in near perfect conditions. The official start time was 6:07 a.m. Impressive new course records were set for the overall and what we'll call the 'open recumbent' category. This year's ride featured light, mostly favourable winds, overcast conditions and the heat was tolerable, although the humidex rose in the early afternoon. This year's finishers fall into two camps: those who finished before 6:30 and those who finished in a wild thunderstorm. Sixteen rookies. Six DNFs. Ride report from Philip Koop.Geotagged photo gallery courtesy of Stephen Jones and another from Peter Murk. Special thanks to Mark Nieweglowski for checking the route.

Participant: Time:    
Peter Chae 9:33 3  
Ron Clark 9:33 11  
Phil Koop 9:33 3  
Peter Murk 9:33 7  
Larry Optis 9:33 5  
Hugo Van Ingen 9:33 2  
Mark Nieweglowski 11:14 3 Bent
Peter DiClemente 11:54 2  
Lawrence Levin 11:54 R  
Paul O'Hara-Hoke 11:54 R  
Joe Pilih 11:54 4  
Drew Graham 12:08 R  
Jeff Kroetsch 12:08 R  
Martin Derlacki 12:27 4  
Alan Jones 12:27 R  
Arnold Goertzen 12:51 3  
Steve Pisani 12:51 2  
Rob Visser 12:51 2  
Adil Qureshi 12:55 2  
Stephen Jones 12:55 R  
Peter Huang 12:55 R  
Frank Lee 13:13 2  
Ken Beattie 13:20 R  
Paul Min 13:20 2  
Hank Shum 13:20 3  
Peter Spencer 13:20 2  
Marino Vanin 13:20 7  
Jeff Wright 13:20 R  
David Adams 13:49 2  
Darius Arjang 13:49 R  
Laura Finch 13:49 R  
Jonathan Lansdell 13:49 R  
Jonathan Spence 14:13 3  
Adam Gutter 15:10 R  
Jan Gutter 15:10 R  
Phil Barbier 16:08 R  
Dave Pearson 16:08 2  
Richard Smith 16:08 R  


June 28, 2009

26 cyclists started what has euphemistically been labeled an epic ride. Out of the twelve Hairshirts I've done it was certainly the wettest. Partial results below. Three DNFs. If you require a correction, let me know. Photo gallery with contributions from Dave Pearson, William Russell, Alex Titov and Hugo Van Ingen here.

Participant: Time:    
Timothy Hicks 10:48 R velomobile
Ron Clark 10:59 10  
Phil Koop 10:59 2  
Hugo Van Ingen 10:59 R  
Peter Chae 11:11 2  
Owen Rogers 12:03 12  
Hank Shum 12:07 2  
Adam Mallonee 12:47 3  
Ross McKegney 12:56 R  
Greg Williams 13:34 4  
Jake Williams 13:34 4  
Eric Nicholson 13:34 R  
Jim Nicholson 13:34 R 16!!!
Adil Qureshi 14:04 R  
Marino Vanin 14:09 6  
Paul Min 14:09 R  
Brian Yee 14:20 1 17
Willliam Russell 15:02 1  
Dave Pearson 15:08 R  
Alexander Titov 15:08 2  
Paul Yeskoo 15:08 2  
Sam Bootsma 16:03 3  
George Dedopoulos 18:18 R  
David Adams 18:33 R  


June 22, 2008

30 cyclists took part -- not bad considering the forecast. It was only sixteen degrees at the start with a steady southwest wind. Things stayed generally cool and overcast until shortly before noon, when fluffy clouds broke out as we passed through Niagara Falls. Late in the afternoon, in Stoney Creek a wicked hailstorm broke out forcing the first groups to take cover. Otherwise a great day to be riding an event like this. Thanks and congrats to everyone who participated, even our non-finishers who I'm sure will be back to try again. Special thanks also to the friends and family who sacrificed a day to drive support. Some great photos courtesy of three-time finisher Greg Williams and a ride reportby Rick Upton (PDF).

Participant: Time:    
Rares Palca 11:30 2  
Tim Bourrie 11:30 2  
Peter Chae 11:30 R  
Ron Clark 11:30 9  
Dennis Flatman 11:30 2  
John Hunter 11:30 2  
Paige Tiberio 11:30 2  
Owen Rogers 11:30 11  
Rick Upton 11:49 5  
Phil Koop 11:59 R  
Alekos Tsamaloukas 12:21 R  
Richard Anstett 12:26 2  
Nick Mourtos 12:38 4  
Mark Nieweglowski 12:48 2 Bent
Rod Gomes 13:04 R  
Adam Mallonee 13:04 2  
Greg Williams 14:00 3  
Jake Williams 14:00 3  
Rob Williams 14:00 4  
Chris Riddell 14:00 R  
Sam Bootsma 14:22 2  
Marino Vanin 14:28 5  
Jonathan Spence 14:38 2  
Hank Shum 15:44 R  
Ed Herage 15:48 7  
Alexander Titov 18:14 R  
Paul Yeskoo 18:14 R  


June 24, 2007

Another record turn out of 43 cyclists participated in this year's event including 22 rookies. All but four managed to finish. The ride actually started on time (thanks, everyone), the weather was excellent, and winds reasonably favourable. Peter Murk has posted his photos of the event start and scenes from the ride here and Ron Clark has written a story about his eighth and most successful Hairshirt experience. If anyone else took pictures and wants to post them let us know at

Participant: Time:    
Peter Murk 10:46 6  
David Hamilton 10:46 3  
Rares Palca 10:46 R  
Ron Clark 10:46 8  
Katharine Sodek 10:46 3  
Robert Chen 11:47 3  
Elene Mourtos 11:49 R  
Owen Rogers 11:59 10  
Mike Maloney 12:02 2 'Bent
Frank Pilih 12:02 3  
Joe Pilih 12:02 3  
Shinya Yamada 12:09 2  
Nick Mourtos 12:09 3  
Arnold Goertzen 12:38 2  
Steve Pisani 12:38 R  
Rob Visser 12:38 R  
Ross Rader 12:38 R  
Rick Upton 12:41 4  
Tim Bourrie 12:54 R  
Peter DiClemente 12:54 R  
Rob Williams 13:00 3  
Luciana Boschetti 13:00 R  
J. Paul Grayson 13:00 R  
Ed Herage 13:31 6  
Peter Spencer 13:31 R  
Nigel Gough 13:47 R  
Jack Dancy 13:50 R  
Tom Hannam 13:50 R  
Jamie McCabe 13:50 3  
Kelly McKinney 13:50 4  
Chat Ortved 13:50 R  
Tim Pollock 13:50 2  
Ron Sinclair 13:50 R  
Adam Mallonee 13:57 R  
Sam Bootsma 15:20 R  
Bill Pegg 16:00 R  
James Smith 16:00 R  
Tim Van Dusen 16:54 2  

June 25, 2006

A record number of 42 participants (including 22 rookies) turned out for this year's event and with the most unfavourable wind conditions since I've been running this thing, it was good to have so many people out there helping each other around the route. 39 cyclists completed the ride including 19 rookies. Special congratulations to Thien Tran for his 13 hour ride on a fixie, Mike Maloney for navigating the entire course on a recumbent and 17-year-old Mitchell Kaiser for completing the ride at such a young age and in such impressive form. (For you first-timers, it's worth noting that because we did not have an orderly start to this event due to the volume of participants and the late arrival/departure of a few of you (and me), the order of finish may be a bit confusing.) Pics from Greg Williams.

Participant: Time:    
Stacy Wall 10:57 R  
Tony Di Silvestro 11:24 3  
Peter Oyler 11:24 R  
Bob Tomsic 11:24 2  
Chris Kaiser 11:40 R  
Mitchell Kaiser 11:40 R 17!
Rick Upton 11:41 3  
Owen Rogers 11:44 9  
Frank Pilih 11:45 2  
Joe Pilih 11:45 2  
Paul Fellner 11:47 2  
Peter Murk 12:00 5  
Jerome Samson 12:00 4  
Shinya Yamada 12:00 R  
Ron Clark 12:20 7  
Nick Mourtos 12:20 2  
Mark Nickel 12:32 2  
Thien Tran 13:00 R Fixie
Dennis Flatman 13:20 R  
John Hunter 13:20 R  
Mike Murray 13:20 R  
Chris Ott 13:20 R  
Jason Prock 13:20 R  
Paige Tiberio 13:20 R  
Frank Lee 13:31 R  
Jake Williams 13:39 2  
Rob Williams 13:43 2  
Chris Colebrook 13:57 R  
Mike Maloney 13:57 R 'Bent
Ed Herage 13:58 5  
Adam Price 13:58 R  
Marino Vanin 13:58 4  
Jeff Wright 13:58 R  
Greg Williams 14:04 2  
Kelly McKinney 14:14 3  
Tim Pollock 14:14 R  
Chester Kasprzak 14:15 R  
Brian Lovelace 14:15 2  
John Richmond 14:25 3  

June 26, 2005

Thirty cyclists including sixteen rookies started this year's ride. The forecast conditions of clear skies, a high of 33 Celsius and *smog* were less than ideal, but the winds were favourable and in spite of a lengthened course (I'll explain later), records fell. The group of five who finished at 10:06 are now co-holders of the overall record and Katharine Sodek managed to reduce her own women's (and TBN member's) record by 36 minutes to 10:09. Congratulations to everyone who participated.

It's important to note that this year the route had significant, permanent changes. Over the years a number of ride veterans from the old days have commented the actual length of the "classic" route. Upon further and detailed investigation it was confirmed the route ridden from 1990-2004 (R.I.P.) was only 315 km. The new, improved route squeaks in at just over 322 km. It has a bit more climbing than the old route, but makes up for that by avoiding the traffic lights of Beamsville, Vinemount and Grimsby until Winona on the outskirts of Stoney Creek. 2006 will see further "refinements" to make this a safe, fun, yet challenging ride for the long distance cyclist. Some pictures courtesy of Peter Murk. And more in the TBN Photo Gallery from Frank Pilih and Jeremy Whitehorn and yet more from Greg Williams. Finally, a great ride report from Greg Wellman.

Participant: Time:    
Kevin Lehman 10:06 4  
Peter Murk 10:06 4  
Larry Optis 10:06 4  
Jerome Samson 10:06 3  
Gregory Wellman 10:06 R  
Tony Di Silvestro 10:07 2  
Katharine Sodek 10:09 2  
Michel Chouster 10:15 R  
Alex Bhogal 10:15 R  
Martin Derlacki 10:34 3  
Mark Nickel 11:40 R  
Ron Clark 12:00 6  
Catherine Kwiecien 12:00 R  
Joe Pilih 12:00 R  
Frank Pilih 12:00 R  
Owen Rogers 12:06 8  
Don Magie 12:55 R  
Cameron Ogilvie 13:10 2  
Marino Vanin 13:39 4  
Jeremy Lane 14:26 R  
Joris Melchior 14:26 3  
Bob Parke 14:48 R  
Nick Mourtos 15:14 R  
Jeremy Whitehorn 15:36 2  
Adam Henderson 15:45 R  
Greg Williams 15:45 R  
Jake Williams 15:45 R 17!
Jonathan Spence 16:27 R  

June 27, 2004

Twenty-two cyclists including eight rookies started this year's ride. Twenty finished. The forecast conditions of partly cloudy skies, a high of 23 Celsius and low humidity seemed ideal, but the wind, it blew... A couple of pictures and a vast collection courtesy of Peter Murk, et al.

Participant: Time:    
Kevin Lehman 10:15 3  
Adam Lucas 10:15 R  
Bobby Mrvelj 10:15 R  
Peter Murk 10:15 3  
Larry Optis 10:15 3  
Jerome Samson 10:15 2  
Martin Derlacki 11:00 2  
Robert Chen 11:23 2  
Owen Rogers 11:28 7  
Tony Di Silvestro 11:30 R  
Joris Melchior 11:49 2  
Dave Laird 11:49 R  
Ron Clark 12:08 5  
Marino Vanin 12:46 3  
Richard Spiegel 12:46 3  
Ed Herage 14:30 4  
Steve Rheault 14:30 R  
Jeremy Whitehorn 14:58 R  
Tim Van Dusen 21:06 R  
Elias Brettler 21:06 R  

June 22, 2003

Twenty-four cyclists including fifteen rookies started on a beautiful day and records were broken (crushed, really). Larry Optis set a new overall record of 10:08 and Katharine Sodek at 10:45 is the new holder of the women's record. A few photos

Participant: Time:    
Larry Optis 10:08 2  
Katharine Sodek 10:45 R  
Martin Derlacki 10:45 R  
Robert Chen 10:45 R  
Eric Atkins 10:45 2  
Ernie Derushie 10:45 2  
Ron Clark 11:05 4  
Owen Rogers 11:16 6  
Bob Tomsic 11:24 R  
Gordon Duck 12:10 R  
David Weil 12:15 R  
Carolyne Haill 12:15 R  
Joris Melchior 12:16 R  
Arnold Goertzen 12:24 R  
Jeff Heyworth 14:00 R  
Meghan Dillon 14:00 R  
Paul Dicks 14:01 2  
Ed Herage 14:05 3  
Tim Theiss 14:08 6  
Marino Vanin 14:30 2  
Carlo Obillos 14:30 R  
Andrew Maleckyj 15:41 R  
Ostap Mojsiak 15:41 R  

June 23, 2002

'Twas the kind of Hairshirt we were glad to finish at all. Sixteen started, including two women. Three DNF's, due to the extreme heat.

Participant: Time:    
Kevin Lehman 11:57 2  
Christopher Morris 11:57 R  
Ernie Derushie 12:22 R  
Eric Atkins 12:59 R  
Owen Rogers 13:04 5  
John Richmond 13:33 2  
Jaye Haworth 14:07 R  
Ariel Boven 14:40 R  
Cameron Ogilvie 15:07 R  
Marino Vanin 15:07 R  
Ron Clark 15:30 3  
Michael Vandenheede 15:43 R MTB
Judith Jonas 20:00 R  

June 24, 2001

27 people showed up to do the Hairshirt this year! 27, including 18 rookies! Only one rider was forced to abandon due to mechanical difficulties early in the day. The other 26 were able to complete the ride, 10 of whom did it in twelve hours or less. Winds were favourable all day. It was cool at the start and stayed that way all morning and the partly cloudy skies gave us some respite from the sun. Hardly a Hairshirt at all, in fact. Thank goodness someone decided to tear up a 2 kilometre section of road in Beamsville, so we would have something to talk about. Our thanks to all the participants for giving this year's ride the best turnout in at least a decade. We even have pictures!

Participant: Time:    
David Hamilton 11:19 2  
Peter Murk 11:19 2  
Larry Optis 11:19 R  
Owen Rogers 11:32 4  
Jerome Samson 11:34 R  
Amit Ghosh 11:37 R  
George Munikevic (sp?) 11:37 R  
Ron Clark 11:39 2  
Paul Dicks 12:00 R  
Richard Spiegel 12:00 R  
Rick Upton 13:27 2  
Pat Buckley 13:38 12  
Michael Beauchamp 13:58 2?  
Kaz Bieniak 14:13 R  
Rick Jackson 14:13 R  
Fred Krawiecki 14:13 R  
John Richmond 14:13 R MTB
Glen C. Siegel 14:13 R  
Christopher Birtwhistle 15:05 R  
Darlene Collins 15:05 R MTB
Jamie McCabe 15:05 2 MTB
Kelly McKinney 15:05 2  
Alexei Davydov 16:10 R  
Ian Cardey 16:15 R MTB
Tim Cork 17:17 R 'bent
Tom Thomson 17:17 3 'bent
Adrian Lankoz 21:00 R MTB

June 25, 2000

Owen's unofficial report: Man, that was ugly! 25 registered, 17 showed up at the start and twelve of us, including two recumbents and one tandem, actually set out into the pouring rain. What were we thinking? It actually stopped raining at about 6:45 a.m., we were enveloped by warm breezes (okay, a howling gale) for a while, we had dry roads, partly cloudy skies and moderate temperatures. By afternoon the clouds had gotten scarce and temperatures (and the humidex) rose steadily. The Millennium Hairshirt was true to its name and delivered the worst of everything. Among the participants it was notable that all who started finished and four of those were rookies. It was a particularity significant ride for Tim Schoahs who rode this year's Hairshirt in memory of his mother, Evelyn.

Participant: Time:    
Pat Buckley 13:45 11  
Owen Rogers 13:47 3  
Barry Finch 14:05 2  
Rick Upton 14:48 R  
Les MacMillan 15:06 2 Tandem
Susan MacMillan 15:06 2 Tandem
Kelly McKinney 15:23 R  
Tim Schoahs 15:23 R  
Jamie McCabe 15:27 R MTB
Leo Po 15:41:15 4  
Carey Chen 16:00 R 'Bent
Tom Thomson 16:00 2 'Bent

June 27, 1999

The 19 cyclists who started the 22nd Edition of the Hairshirt were undetered by the gloomy forecast and dark clouds hanging overhead. Yes it rained for about an hour or so in the morning but no one seemed to complain too much and it certainly didn't slow anyone down! Congratulations to our sixteen finishers (11 rookies).

Participant: Time:    
Mark Kremblewski 11:15 2  
Ken Dobb 11:55 R  
Ron Clark 12:12 R  
John Docherty 12:12 R  
Barry Finch 12:19 R  
Leo Po 12:19 3  
Richard Anstett 13:28 R  
Herman Glemser 13:44 R  
Tim Schoahs 14:49 R  
Paolo Fietta 14:55 R  
Tim Theiss 14:55 5  
Carman Lamond 16:29 2  
Brian Lovelace 16:29 R  
Carol Turnbull 16:29 R  
Martin Heath ??:?? R  
Fred Weinstein ??:?? R  

June 21, 1998

The 21st Edition of the Hairshirt took place on a hot, sunny day. Traffic was even lighter than usual, perhaps due to Father's Day--who knows? Of the ten who started only three were first time participants, and two of them managed to finish. Thanks to all who participated for keeping the Hairshirt tradition alive!

Participant: Time:    
Owen Rogers 11:39 2  
Mark Kremblewski 12:30 R  
Leo Po 15:03 2  
Peter Bolton 17:45 R  
Carman Lamond 17:45 R  
Bruce Parker 17:45 2  

June 22, 1997

The 20th Anniversary Edition of the Hairshirt saw the highest preregistration total (24) in recent years but merely an average turnout on the day. Our thanks to the fourteen who did try their luck and a hearty congrats to the twelve who finishedundefined9 for the first time.

Participant: Time:    
Paul Fellner 12:20 R  
David Hamilton 12:20 R  
Peter Murk 12:20 R  
Owen Rogers 12:20 R  
Mike Van Den Tillaart 12:20 R  
Pat Buckley 12:57 10  
Michael Waldstein 15:32 R  
Johnny Chong 15:32 4+  
Peter Bolton 15:59 R  
Bruce Parker 15:59 R  
Mary Kelly 15:59 R  
Alex Grenzebach 17:16 9+  

June 23, 1996

The 19th edition of the venerable Hairshirt saw favourable winds and sunny
skies throughout most of the day. Things didn't get underway until 6:20.
Veteran riders commented on the near perfect conditions.

Participant: Time:    
Pat Buckley 13:05 9  
Peter Davies 14:18 R  
Alex Grenzebach 14:18 8+  
Glenn Caven 14:58 R  
Ken Caven 14:58 R 70!
Tim Theiss 15:05 4  
Bernhard Greiling 15:09 R  
David Kwan 15:09 R  
Ed Kwan 15:09 R  
Doug Smyth 15:10 R  
Tom Thomson 15:10 R  
Jim Johnson 15:55 R  

June 25, 1995

The 18th edition of the Toronto-Niagara-Toronto Hairshirt was a standout in that it saw the lowest time in recent memory recorded by the three front finishers. Read Pat Brill-Edwards' account of this PR ride in Of Hairshirts, Hemorrhoids and Happenstance.

Participant: Time:    
Kevin Lehman 10:24! R  
Pat Brill-Edwards 10:24!! 3  
Steve Kotlowski 10:24!!! 4  
Pat Buckley 13:27 8  
Johnny Chong 13:27 3+  
Jack Zamroutian 14:00 R  
Jim Everard 16:10 R  
Alex Grenzebach 16:10 7+  
Margot Csemiczky 18:00+ R  
Cedric Hunt 18:00+ R  
Gary Maslanka 18:00+ R  

June 26, 1994

The 17th edition of the Hairshirt will be remembered for the strong winds and long lunches!

Participant: Time:    
Steve Kotlowski 11:05 3  
Pat Brill-Edwards 11:05 2  
Dan Kuchma 12:15 R  
Johnny Chong 12:38 2+  
Dominic Hay 13:02 R  
Owen Lynch 13:32 R  
Dave Pinder 13:32 R  
Ian Gosling 13:43 R  
Alex Grenzebach 13:43 6+  
Mike Skelley 13:43 R  
Pat Buckley 13:51 7  
Harry Ainslie 14:22 R  
Nigel Tahair 14:30 R  
Tim Theiss 14:30 3  
Pat Mohide 18:00+ R  

June 20, 1993

The 16th edition of the Toronto-Niagara-Toronto Hairshirt was a cool rainy one, hence the low turnout. Still, with a 90% chance of thunderstorms, any turnout is a good one!

Participant: Time:    
Steve Kotlowski 11:59 2  
Pat Brill-Edwards 11:59 1  
Lech Jedral 13:05 2  
Leo Po 14:40 1  
Tim Theiss 14:40 2  
Peter Brother 16:50 R  
Doug Lumsden 16:50 R  

June 21, 1992

Participant: Time:    
Oliver Clee 11:45 R  
Michael Ibrajev 11:50 R  
Juan Garcia 12:36 R  
Chris Simon 12:36 R  
Lech Jedral 14:20 R  
Steve Kotlowski 16:05 1  
Phil Piltch 16:05 R  
Tim Theiss 16:05 1  



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